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[Case Study] 14 Days to a Quarter Million: Learn The Simplest Marketing Funnel

$250,000 in just 14 days.

With a simple strategy.

No, you didn’t read that wrong.

14 days.

Less than the time it takes your houseplant to die when you forget to water it.

And it’s downright easy.

Here’s how I helped my client, Joshua Lisec, sales skyrocket.

Who Is Joshua?


Oh, he’s not just anyone.

He’s a literary sorcerer.

A ghostwriter.

He crafts, launches, and deals with all the nitty-gritty details of authority books on Amazon and elsewhere—all under his clients’ names.

His clients get their authority books written—the golden goose laying big-dollar eggs for consultation and services.

We’re not talking about pocket change here, btw.

We’re talking $25K, $30K, $50K.


What did we sell? And how did we get the $250,000 in just two weeks?

You must be wondering:

What on Earth did we sell?

We sold:


But not the snooze-fest type of coaching you might be thinking of.

We’re talking about HYBRID coaching.

“Wait… Hybrid coaching?”

Let me explain:

Hybrid coaching combines elements of 1:1 coaching and group setting.

It’s the best of both worlds:

1:1 Attention and Group Accountability.

But not everything is unicorns and candies.

You see…

Many claim they can turn your skills into money-making ventures.

But guess what?

They can’t even manage to grow their socials, let alone seasoned professionals.

And that’s where Joshua comes in.

His target audience? C-Level Execs. Industry Titans.

People so professional they probably wear ties to bed.

Good luck finding a guru who can handle those big boys.

So, what did I do to propel Joshua’s income?

3-element funnel that almost always works

Automation? Nah.

Complex funnels? Nah.

We didn’t get lost in tech-savvy gimmicks.

We went old school.

An application form, email marketing, and limited spots.

The competition uses the latest software, and we’re over here like, “Hey, ever heard of an application form?”

So do not let the simplicity of this system fool you.

Here it goes:

Element 1: An application form.

A game-changing application form does more than ask for your favorite color.

It asks the right questions.

And it’s a game-changer when used right.

And what made ours even better?

A price reveal in one of the questions.

Here’s how we did it on Joshua’s form.

This means everyone who filled out the form knew:

  • They would have to pay $25,000
  • Invest 5 hours a week in their book.
  • And that there was a payment plan available

Makes sense?

Element 2: Marketing campaign

We used Twitter and Email to spread the gospel of Joshua.

Joshua has nearly 3000 email subscribers.

And he had 29,000 followers on Twitter when we launched this offer.

Here’s the first email we sent:

And here is one of the many tweets we posted:

Did you notice how simple they were?

There is no secret here.

When you communicate your message clearly and frequently, it often results in increased sales.

And finally:

Element 3: Limited spots


To stir up that pot of FOMO stew.

The results were nothing short of phenomenal.

Here’s how it went.

First day: 4 sales came in.

Here’s a tweet where we activated FOMO.


Since we limited the coaching to 5 people…

We couldn’t break our promises.

And that’s where we hit the stroke of genius.

Bonus Element: Presell spots.

We did precisely this for Joshua.

5 people joined instantly.

And the other 5 that joined would have to wait 30 days for the next round.

By the way…

Not everything went perfectly.

Two people that joined for the future rounds opted out.

But because we had people’s emails…

We only had to send a few more emails telling applicants two spots open for the next round.

That’s right:

We secured profits.

And kept the momentum rolling.

The results?

This strategy helped Joshua to:

  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Charge premium for his coaching
  • Make $250,000 in sales in 14 days

We made bank.

And succeeded in style.

Here’s How YOU Can Apply this in your business

This isn’t a secret recipe reserved for some elite club.

You can use these strategies too.

Whether you’re selling high-ticket courses or top-tier services, here’s how you break the chains and break the bank.

1. Be transparent with your prices.

I’ll tell you to do something nobody else tells you to do.

Let people know your prices.

If you charge $500, say so.

If you charge $5000, say so

If you charge $25,000, say so.

2. Ask the right questions on your intake forms

It’s like dating but with money involved.

Know who you’re dealing with.

But how do you come up with the questions?

It’s up to you, my friend.

But let me give you a hand.

Here’s a screenshot of the questions I usually ask people in my intake forms.

If you didn’t notice, I am disqualifying people who are not making at least $10,000 a month.

The downside of adding too many questions to your forms is that the conversion rate drops drastically.

But on the bright side, the quality of the leads goes up exponentially.


3. Shamelessly promote your offers.

This is where most people fail.

They build their funnels.

They build their systems.

They build their processes.

But they never market their services.

So if you’ve got something good…

Scream it from the rooftops.

And don’t be shy.

One thing I love about working with Joshua is that when he promotes his stuff, he does it bigly.

You see…

We built the marketing campaign for him, and he built more stuff build on top of it.

For example:

If we post tweets a day to promote his stuff…

He will post five more by himself.

It’s a beautiful sight.

4. Presell spots

Never miss out on willing customers.

I have a friend who runs an SEO agency that makes $200K+/mo.

I asked him,

“Hey, Keval, how many clients do you take in monthly?”

He told me that he only onboards about five.

His response confused me.

“So what happens if there’s a 6th person who wants to hire you, and he’s a suitable fit?” I asked.

Keval explained that he would accept a small, refundable deposit to secure the client’s spot for the following month.

You can do the same.

To recap

Yes, this is a simple process.

It’s literally a two-step funnel:

Form → Sales

And you only need:

  1. An application form
  2. A booking form
  3. Social media campaign
  4. Email campaign

To make it work:

  • Craft the application form
  • Reveal the price in the form
  • Launch targeted email and social campaign
  • Limit spots
  • Let people join for future spots.

I hope you enjoy today’s email.

And if you’d like to work with me, whether that’s coaching or letting my team do everything marketing for you…

Talk soon.

Tu amigo,
– Jose

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