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The three money-making systems I use daily in my business

The path to earning online is full of:

  • Money worries
  • Ideas that didn’t work
  • Work that got ignored
  • Doubts about your ability

All successful creators and solopreneurs have gone through this.

They just didn’t quit.

And the reason I suspect they don’t quit is that…

They’ve got systems.

Systems for content creation.

Systems for managing their business.

Systems for selling their products and services.

So, let me show you three systems I use daily in my business.

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System 1: Generative AI System

Many AI tools let a simpleton like me use AI to do amazing stuff.

Some of the tools I use are:

OpenAI’s Playground to generate content for clients.

Descript for editing videos quickly.

And Perplexity for research.

All three are easy and powerful to use.

System 2: Automated Deal System

This allows me and my clients to sell digital products virtually on auto-pilot.

Here’s how it works:

When someone downloads one of my free resources, they are automatically taken to a page with a special offer. This offer includes discounts or bonuses to encourage them to make a purchase. If they buy, they get instant access to the paid products and are added to my newsletter. If they don’t, they’ll just get added to my newsletter.

You see…

The Automated Deal is an easy way to turn followers into buyers without much effort.

But what I truly love about the Automatic Deal is that those who didn’t buy will still be added to your newsletter (and they’ll also get the free product you promised).


That’s why I’ve got this running for almost all my clients. It’s free money for them and massive value for their followers.


My clients already promote their newsletter and free products daily. So why not give their followers an opportunity to get a massive discount?

Think about it.

The Automated Deal is a simple way to make money without forcing your products on your followers in your tweets, reels, and Instagram stories. And it essentially eliminates the need to promote your products on your feed.

If you’re interested in building an Automated Deal, book a call with me to talk about it.

System 3: Content Creation System

Content creation is the bread and butter of my business.

With my system, my team can churn out:

  • Emails
  • IG carousels & reels
  • X posts and threads

We use software that lets us collaborate.

Tools like:

My process is quite simple, really.

First, I decide on topics I’ll write about.

Then, I write the first draft.

Next, I edit the draft until I’m happy with it.

Then, I create the video/reel if needed.

Finally, I schedule the content.

Now, we go about this by batch working.

Batch working means doing tasks in groups to stay focused and work more efficiently.

This means we first pick all the topics, then work on all the drafts…

Next, we edit all of them, and so on.

Sure, this can be boring at times.

But it works.

Sound good?

If so, I think you’ll love my upcoming course, Reels to Clients.

Reels To Clients will offer more than “creating reels.” It’s the whole content and sales system I’ve used with my private clients and my brand to create new income streams with X and Instagram.

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Tu amigo,

– Jose

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