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What is HyperLaunch?

HyperLaunch is the exact process I follow to create and launch micro-courses. 

If you’re a creator trying to tame all those complex and chaotic marketing tactics, software, and system to launch courses, then this system rolls out a seamless plan to put every element in its rightful place…

…ensuring faster profitability from your digital products.

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HyperLaunch is my blueprint for creating and launching courses even if the course isn't ready.

My story isn’t about overnight success.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, I grappled with a significant language challenge.

Although English isn’t my first language, my determination led me break into social media and launch my first digital product.

Here’s how it went…

I wrote my ebook in English and used Google Translate to get the English right… And made my first $1000 in digital product sales.

Jump to February 2019—Pregnant wife and all, I quit my job

Back then I was making $2,000/mo as a full-time web designer in my home country, the Dominican Republic.

And selling digital products was one of many reasons I could quit my 9-5 job.

I remember telling very pregnant wife, “sit down, I’ve got something to tell you.”

And then proceeded to tell her I wanted to quit my job.

This decision paid off.

I made nearly $60K in digital product sales.

Which was a nice supplementary income to the money I was making already as a freelancer.

Then, in November 2021, I almost matched my prior year’s total earnings, just from course sales.

Now, I’ve refined my system…

Allowing me to roll out product launches in just 3 to 5 days.

This optimization led to rapid successes.

With that came fast success.

And clients that needed me to create product launches for them.

Here's what you get

HyperLaunch Masterclass.

HyperLaunch will help you to deeply engrain the best strategies into your mind, prepping you for your launches.

Here's what you'll learn

Here are some results I’ve gotten for my clients:

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Learn a system to create, launch, and sell your first (or second) micro courses in as littles as a weekend

I held nothing back. I’m giving everything I’ve got. From the strategies, to the trainings, to the original launch campaign I use to launch that exact training. 

Here's everything you're getting

for $98 today.

I held nothing back. I’m giving everything I’ve got. From the strategies, to the trainings, to the original launch campaign I use to launch that exact training. 

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Don't have a product yet?

Worry not because I'm also giving you INSTANT access to the Launch To Riches assets:

Asset #1:

HyperLaunch System

How to launch your courses

This is it. It’s everything I know about launching digital products in record time.

Asset #2:

Create Micro Courses

Don't have a digital product?

Don’t worry, I’m also providing you with access to How To Create Information Products.

Asset #3:

Launchpad Templates

There's more

Get HyperLaunch today and gain instant access to these 3 bonuses

Bonus #1:

The Persuasion Workshop: How To Make Your Audience Just About Anything You Launch

Bonus #2:

The AI Research Method: How to use AI to cut down research time in half

A short training on how to use AI to research your audience.

Bonus #3:

The Launch Files

There's something funny about what I'm about to tell you.

Everything you learn inside HyperLaunch Blueprint I used to launch it.

That’s why I’ll give you access everything I created for the original launch of the HyperLaunch Blueprint:

Master launching micro courses

Overcome these challenges of launching micro courses with the guidance you’ll get inside this course.

But if you’re wondering if the HyperLaunch Blueprint fits your goals…

Try it firsthand and see.

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Every strategy and tip has been thoroughly tested. I even use them with my clients and with my personal brand.

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I stand by my product. That's why you get 30 days to try the HyperLaunch Blueprint yourself.