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5 Marketing Insights You Must Know

Picture this:

A group of women had fake scars applied to their faces.

Then they were sent for a job interview.

As they were being led outside…

They were told that their scars needed a little touching up.

Spoiler alert:

The scars were sneakily removed.

Then this happened:

They went into the interviews thinking they looked like they had just lost a fight with a chainsaw…


They came out convinced they had faced higher levels of discrimination.

Let’s unwrap this wild scenario.

And see what kind of marketing wisdom we can squeeze out of it:

Lesson 1: Perception is reality

Your customers have a certain image of your brand in their heads.

And that’s what they base all their interactions on.

So make sure your brand image is on point.

Or you might end up with some real scars.

Redesign your website, slap on some high-quality photos, and produce some top-tier videos.

Lesson 2: They are what YOU say they are

I had a client once who told me that my confidence in him was the reason he hired me.

So, believe in your clients and let them know it.

Because you have the power to change their self-perception.

Lesson 3: Empathy is the key

Your customers have their own metaphorical scars.

And it’s your job to figure out what caused them and help those bad boys heal.

Tap into your inner empath.

Then address your clients’ emotions.

Do this…

And you’ll be a marketing wizard in no time.

Lesson 4: Confirmation bias traps your clients

The women in this story expected some discrimination.

And guess what?

They found it.

That’s what we call confirmation bias.

So do your clients a favor and give them a well-rounded view of what you’re offering.

That way they won’t tumble down the rabbit hole of their own expectations.

Lesson 5: Word-of-mouth can make or break you.

The women with the phantom facial scars talked about the discrimination they thought they experienced, right?

Well, that just goes to show that word-of-mouth works.

People are going to share their opinions about you.

Whether they’re singing your praises or spewing venom.

So, make sure you’re giving them something worth bragging about.

Stay winning,

– Jose

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