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5 Uncommon Productivity Hacks I Use Everyday

I’d wake up in the morning, stare at my computer screen, and wonder what the hell I was supposed to be doing.

Lack of motivation? Check.

Difficulty focusing? Check.

Burnout and exhaustion? Check, check, check.

But then I discovered the five productivity hacks that changed my life forever.

And now, I’m gonna share them with you.

So if you think you need caffeine to boost your productivity…

Think again!

Here are 5 life-altering productivity hacks I use every day:

Binaural beats

These fancy audio tracks will tickle your brainwaves and boost focus, creativity, and relaxation.

I’m not gonna lie… I dabble in the beats with the app.

Creative rituals

Create unusual pre-work rituals.

Maybe squeeze into a specific outfit, let the binaural beats slap your eardrums, or recite a self-crafted mantra.

They’re absolute game changer.

Batch process tasks

Group similar tasks together and work on them in chunks.

By working in chunks, you’ll reduce brain strain and crank up the productivity.


Explore biohacking techniques, like intermittent fasting, to optimize your cognitive performance and enhance your productivity.

Who knew starving yourself (responsibly) could make you more productive? (it does)

Environmental triggers

Assign scents, sounds, or objects to different tasks or topics.

Eventually, your brain will forge connections between these triggers and productivity and make it easier to switch between tasks.

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Tu amigo,
– Jose

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