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5 Ways To Fight Writer’s Block

Let me break it down for you.

Writer’s Block is a dumb excuse you use to hide the fact you’re afraid.

There’s no such thing as writer’s block.

Writer’s block is a hoax.

There’s only fear.

You fear embarrassment – “will it be good enough?”

You fear failure – “will it flop?”

Control the fear, and you’ll never run out of things to say.

I mean, have you ever run out of things to say with your friends?

And to help you out, let me reveal 5 ways to conquer your fear so you can write with bullet-proof confidence.

1. Make it painful to fail

Writer’s Block is based on fear, so battle this fear with a bigger fear.

Let’s say you have a goal of writing 500 words every day. Now assign a penalty for failing to write these words. Make a wager with a friend. Or donate money to a political party you hate.

Make it painful to break a promise to yourself.

2. Define your mission

What problem do you want to help people solve?

Your mission is to show them how to fix it.

What BIG IDEA do you want your readers to get out of the content you are writing?

Define it. Then write about it.

3. Read outside of your domain of expertise

Stand out by being creative.

You create new neural pathways in your brain when you read outside your area of expertise. This will help you connect the ideas from different domains in unexpected ways.

Remix old with the new and your creativity will flow.

4. Write a short story about your day

This simple exercise will do wonders for your storytelling ability.

When you’re in doubt, write about something that happened to you today.

What’s the moral of the story, what’s the takeaway from that?

5. Pay attention to your body

I’ve noticed that I write more fluently when I’m in a good mood. So I take full advantage of my mood. This doesn’t mean you should avoid writing when you’re feeling bad about something.

Keep an eye on your body and use different moods to produce different kinds of writings

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