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5 For 5 Issue #8 — I’ve never done this

5 For 5 — November 11, 2022

This is issue #8 of 5 For 5, where I share with you 5 things you should know about in 5 minutes.

1. Rediscovering the Circle platform

Last year, I ran a few cohorts and membership sites using Circle.

But I stopped using it because, frankly…, it sucked.

So I had forgotten about it until a few days ago, when I joined a copywriting community my friend Nabeel Azeez created.

I was blown away by all the awesome new features it offers!

  • Group chats
  • Direct messages
  • Interactive live streams
  • Community-powered course

Crazy value.

For that reason, I migrated my HyperGrowth community from Discord to Circle.

So if you’re interested in building a community, check out Circle.


Feel free to join my community, Hypergrowth.

Click here to join.

2. Elon Musk persuasion skills

Persuasion is one of my most profitable skills.

And it’s a skill you should learn more about.

So let me help you with that right now:

A few days ago, I tweeted a thread about 13 persuasion tactics Elon Musk uses on Twitter.

Today, I share it with you:

3. 24-day content creation challenge

I started a 24-day writing challenge last monday.

Sinced then, I’ve been posting one daily thread on Twitter.

The purpose of the challenge is to:

  1. Show my expertise
  2. Promote my paid inner circle
  3. Lead my inner circle by example

So how does the challenge work?

Rule #1. Write for 30–60 minutes

Rule #2. Publish 1 piece of content every day

Rule #3: Add #HyperThread hashtag somewhere in the thread

Optional: Write every day at the same time.

That’s it.

Would you like to join the Challenge?

If so, you have two options:

Option 1: Join my Inner Circle to get accountability

Option 2: Download the 24-day Challenge resources here

4. ClickUp is the best task management

If you’re running a team…

You need better task management.

That’s why you need ClickUp.

Their free plan is amazing.

>>> Give ClickUp a try

5. Can non-native English speakers succeed as copywriters?

I’ve never written about my opinion of other people’s content before.

But today, I feel I need to.

The reason?

One of my community members sent me this message this morning (let’s call her Gina for now).

She read this blog post, “Can non-native English speakers succeed as copywriters?”.

And she got discouraged by it.

I took a peek at it and found many truths in his article.

In summary, the author argues that:

“If you are not a native English speaker, the odds of you succeeding as a copywriter, while not zero, are exceedingly low. This is so true and obvious that anyone who denies it is evil or stupid.”


Over the years I’ve realized that my father was right when he told me:

“Jose, every time you lose your cool, you lose even if you’re right.”

Here’s what he meant:

The way you say something is more important than what you say.


This is what I told Gina:

“I’ll say this. I’m not a copywriter. I use copywriting to make my stuff more interesting to read. Which is what anyone who creates content should do too.”

That’s not all.

I had a bit more to say:

“By the way, I write copy for another Copywriter. And my team only has Latinos at this moment. One of them also writes copy. And we’ve never had any major issues with our copy—even when we write for other copywriters. In fact, my Copywriter doesn’t even speak English that well. But he writes amazing copy.”

How do I know my Copywriter writes amazing copy?

This is what a client—who’s a 7-figure copywriter— sent me today 👇

So I told Gina that a lot of people don’t write in a more empathic way and use the “I’m just being honesty with you—it’s for your own good” excuse to avoid softening their tone because it’s harder to do or because they score high in disagreeableness (I love disagreeable people, btw).

To be honest, I don’t disagree with the article.


The way you say something is more important than what you say.

Can non-native English speakers succeed as copywriters? Yes.

Is it hard to write in a second language? Yes.

But since when do winners avoid doing the hard stuff?

🎁 Bonus: Remember to download the 24-day Challenge resources here

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