6 Toxic Writing Habits You Must Break

Writing new content is a messy process.

Here are 6 toxic writing habits that make it even messier.

Fix them to unleash the real writer within.

1. Editing while writing

Never edit while you're writing.

Follow this rule: Write from the heart, edit with your mind.

While writing the first draft,

  • Ignore typos
  • Forget syntax
  • Keep the nonsensical ideas

Complete the crappy first draft.

Then edit it.

2. Not writing every day

Yeah… writing is not like riding a bike.

You'll forget how to write well if you stop.

Avoid losing your writing skill, write every day.

This is sacred.

Commit to writing every day or you’ll fail.

3. Using unusual words

Big, abstruse words make your writing impossible to comprehend.

Keep your prose digestible.

I'm not saying dumb down, I'm not saying “small word good, big word bad.”

Just avoid big weird words, you know, like abstruse.

4. Using adverbs extensively

My friend, Joshua Lisec, the world’s only award-winning, celebrity-recommended, #1 International Bestselling certified professional ghostwriter, said,

“Adverbs are like salt.

Salt makes everything taste more like itself.

Writers use adverbs when their verbs suck.

Adverbs make your writing taste suckier”

He is very absolutely right.

5. Using negative statements

From the following two statements, which is easier to understand?

  • I don't feel cold when it's sunny.
  • I feel warm when it's sunny.

Using negative statements destroys reading comprehension.

Here's another example:

  • I did not accept the job offer because we did not agree on the salary.
  • I declined the job offer because we disagreed on the salary.

See what I mean?

6. Not being opinionated

State your opinions with confidence. Because nobody likes dull writing.

Your opinions might offend someone, but that's ok.

People who hate your writing will disqualify themselves. And those who stay are the ones who will become true fans.

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About Jose Rosado

About Jose Rosado

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