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$900 in 24 hours selling this stupid-simple offer

My friend Gina made $900 in 24 hours.

24 hours.

Best thing?

The steps she followed are simpler than you’d think.

Here’s a gist:

She sold two copies of a course + consult call combo.

And today, I’ll show you exactly how it’s done:

Step 1: Create a Course + Call offer

Combine a course and a call.

You can charge a cool $500 for it.

The coaching industry is booming and expected to reach billions.

There’s definitely space for you, too.

So, sell a 1-hour session with you + course access.

“But I don’t have a course, Jose.”

Ok ok ok…

Take a look at my HyperLaunch course, then.

Because there are two things you can do when you’ve got a course:

  1. You can sell a course + consult call to make the course more appealing, or
  2. You can sell a consult call + course to make the call more appealing.

It’s crazy how much more appealing an offer becomes when you couple it with a complimentary bonus.

What’s crazier is a simple strategy I’ll tell you in a while.

A strategy so simple that when I tell you about it, you’ll think, “Bro, that’s so obvious… why didn’t I think about it?”

But before I reveal it, let me show you how to sell this course + call combo.

Step 2: Get Followers To DM You

You’re not sliding into their DMs just to say, “Buy this.”

Nah, that’s not how we roll.

Get them to start the conversation.

It’s much more effective.

Here are 2 ways sure shot you can do that:

  1. The Keyword Strategy: Drop a line like, “Want to achieve [goal]? DM me the word ‘GOAL’!” It’s straightforward and gives clarity to the intent.
  2. The Freebie Strategy: Who doesn’t love FREE stuff? Offer a valuable PDF or resource. Tell your followers to DM you a specific keyword and that you’ll send them a link to the freebie. And it works because offering something for free can increase your response rate by up to 40%.

Step 3: Engage

Direct messages (DMs) are your secret weapon.

Every successful sale starts with a connection.

Remember that.

Now, imagine you’ve got a few prospects hooked in your DMs.

Get to know them.

Ask about their goals and challenges.

Remember the age-old saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”?

That’s your strategy.

And if you feel you can help them, pitch your offer.

But don’t just list features, nah. They don’t care.

Make them feel the benefits. Show them how it will affect them.

And if they’re game, seal the deal right in the DMs by sending them a payment link.

Step 4: The crazy-simple strategy I told you about

That call you’ll be having with your client?

Treat it as a sales call.


You will sell them your services at the end of the call.

Now, the way you were going to go about this is by dividing the call into three stages:

  1. Beginning of the call (5 minutes): Tell them that you’ll offer them your services but that the purpose of the call is to build an action plan and to answer a few questions.
  2. During the call (45 minutes): You and your client will build some strategy, roadmap, or action plan together.
  3. At the end of the call (10 minutes): Offer them support through a service or coaching to follow through with the action plan you both created.

Can you see how that works?

Stick with it.

And you might have a “Gina” moment for yourself.

It’s crazy simple.

And now you know the process.

Tu amigo,

– Jose

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