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About Jose Rosado

It’s good that you’re here! I want you to feel at home, so I’m going to introduce myself. 

My name is José Rosado. I live in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

I’m a Web Designer. 

I have developed websites for artists, non-profit companies, schools, law firms, clinical laboratories and companies in E.E.U.U.

What am I working on?

What do my clients say about me?

"Among the things that are most valued when hiring a service are responsibility, commitment and dedication, José Rosado brings together these qualities and assumes the projects with dedication, delivering a quality service."
Clara Collado
NIC.DO - PUCMM / Administrator
"José Rosado knows how to work under pressure, he really knows how to comply with a tight schedule, I have fond memories of the excellent service he provided during the development of the Dominican Film Festival website. Your services when the occasion arises."
Kenny Cabrera
FUNGLODE / Former Director of Communications
"Working with José Rosado is a real pleasure thanks to his willingness to work, respect and listening ability. He was able to adapt to the needs of my project and he was able to complete it satisfactorily, achieving that every detail will represent what exactly I imagined."
Sarah de Jesús R.
Sarah de Jesús R. Producción Audiovisual
"I am very satisfied with the work done, I appreciate the formality, punctuality and organization with which you work, as well as the openness to the additional requirements. Your open attitude and service orientation have made this an excellent experience. I hope to carry out other projects with you."
María Soldevila