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Why You Should Always Charge More Money for Your Services

I’ve got a juicy little story for you.

It’s kinda gossipy.

And it’s about a student of mine who probably sold his kidney to buy a coaching program on how to scale his business…

Well…He didn’t actually sell his kidney. But you get the point…

So, picture this: We’ve got Sean (I changed his name), right?

He’s running a content creation agency for LinkedIn.

Anyway… Sean was feeling a bit lost in his business until he stumbled upon me.

I coached him.

And hooked him up with some of that sweet biz knowledge:

  • How to structure his offer
  • Generating leads
  • Charging 3X his normal fees (because why the f*ck not?)

It worked like a charm.

Sean’s business went from zero to hero.

And he finally discovered the many ways to make money online. He built himself a nice little six-figure empire. I felt like a proud parent at their kid’s college graduation.

But then…I offered Sean another coaching program…

With a nifty $20,000 price tag.

He turned me down because he had hired another coach—one that charged him $5,000 a month for six months.

That’s $30,000, which is like buying a brand new car.

Now…My heart was a little shattered, not gonna lie.

Cue the sad violin.

But I will not fault him for wanting to toss more money at his business to make more money

Then some time passed…

I checked up on him:

“How the coaching going, Sean,” I DMed him.

He confessed that the new coaching was like buying a ticket to the hype train, but it wasn’t taking him anywhere.


He did say that spending all that cash lit a fire under his arse and made him take his business more seriously.

There are three lessons here:

1. Don’t wait. Reach out to potential clients

Or, just like it happened to me, you’ll lose out on closing a new client because someone else reached out first.

2. Up your prices, charge more

Because people will pay top dollar just to kick their own ass into gear.

3/ Deliver the goods

Or risk being like the coach Sean wrongly hired: just one more scammer.

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