Approved Resources

Below is a list of the resources that I personally use, have used, or approve of.

NOTE: These are affiliate links.

Tej Dosa’s course “How to Invent 6 Figure Marketing Promotions”

Tej Dosa’s course on “How to Invent 6 Figure Marketing Promotions” is extremely valuable and at the same time seriously UNDERpriced.

Besides all the raving testimonials on Twitter, it got my attention because it’s a system composed of 3 parts where you only need to fill in the blank spaces (he even shows you how to create a product if you don’t have any.)

So, if you want to create killer marketing promotions, make more profits and break the “Sick + Broke + Dumb” life pattern get this course.

It’s really good.

My conversion rate went from 2% to 5% using his methods.

Get it here: How to Invent 6 Figure Promotions

Siteground Hosting

I used to be a Hostgator fan.

That is… until I tested Siteground’s services.

Fast customer service, fast servers, fast page loading speed, fast everything.

100% recommended.

Get it here: Siteground Hosting


English is my second language.

Grammarly has helped me reduce spelling mistakes.

I mean, I write daily emails and daily tweets. So I’m constantly posting content.

Grammarly help you compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing.

Grammarly helps you eliminate errors and find the perfect words to express yourself.

It’s free version is awesome. It’s paid version is superb.

Get Grammarly for free

Elementor Page Builder For WordPress

Elementor is the WordPress Page Builder I use to built most of my client’s websites. With it, you can create stunning landing pages, design a blog, customize your online store – everything is within reach!

Get Elementor