Multiply Your Salary By 7 Fast, Legally and Ethically

In 2009, I got my first job as a web designer.

I learned a lot during this stage of my life, but the salary… it was a laughing stock.

Back then, I didn’t have a car, so I spent half of my money on transportation and low-quality food.

After 4 months of lousy work (even on Saturdays), a new possibility aroused: a new job opportunity!

They offered me 2x my current salary.

Thing is, I did not feel comfortable in this new company. So I decided to change jobs again. So I joined an institution where I also doubled my income.

I was very comfortable in this new job. I had few things to do. Meaning, I was mostly free to do whatever I wanted. However, I decided to change my job again.

And again I doubled my earnings.

In this last place, I worked for 5 years. They offered great benefits and I was able to obtain several salary readjustments that practically doubled my income once more.

In my case, I was able to multiply my earnings by 7 in just 4 years.

For my safety, I can not say how much money I earned while employed, but I can tell that I was mostly OK with my salary.

How to earn more money being employed?

If you paid attention, there is a well-marked pattern in my work life history.

In just 4 years I changed jobs 4 times.

At the beginning of my career, I could say that I changed jobs an average of 1 time per year and that each time my income doubled.

Online Business is great. See, I do live from Internet Money. But, this wasn’t always the case.

If you want to earn more money being employed, send your resume everywhere and at all times. Always keep your eyes opened for a new job opportunity.

Also accept every job interview others offers you, even if you do not have the desire to work there. By doing this, you’ll meet many people, but more important than all, they will get to know you.

Many people will tell you that changing jobs so many times is a bad idea. Screw that!

Changing jobs works because companies rarely provide significant salary increases. In general, it takes a lot of time to climb up the corporate ladder.

Last words.

Many want to work for others.

Not everyone desires to manage their own company, or make money online. And, in many cases, you can have an excellent life being employed.

For this reason, I praise all those who love their jobs.

So passing around your résumé, and change jobs fast.

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Live Intentionally Book Review

You’ve tried every single tactic in the book.

You’ve started and stopped pursuing to build several power habits.

You’ve read multiple books. You’ve done your homework. You’ve sought guidance with that friend you trust.

But the truth is that you still feel you’re not living up to your potential.

Perhaps you fear for your future and you dislike feeling powerless while trying to take full control of your life.

And you might even have reasonable hate for the belief that no matter what you try, you’ll stay stuck in the same place.

Let’s be clear, now.

You know you have massive potential inside of you. You can feel it in your bones. And you have even experienced the sense of full control sometime in your past.

Imagine for a while the truly elite lifestyle you could have if you stuck to your goals and followed through the promises you make to yourself.

Let’s make it simpler.

Picture your perfect day. Maybe you crushed all your tasks one after the other, you felt like a productive silverback gorilla after that. That same day you managed to ignore the cravings for your favorite junk foods and avoided the harmful stuff you struggle to avoid. And, just for fun, you were able to successfully face some of your fears.

What a difference a day makes. Yes?

Now, imagine multiplying this magnificent day times 90.

Some time back, I read Harsh’s (from the Life, Math, Money blog) newly released ebook Live Intentionally.

It’s so new, that even if its an e-book, I can still smell the freshness of its digital pages.

This gem of an ebook sets the tone for people who are seeking live up to their full potential.

The simplicity in which Harsh explains his ideas is superb, and the ebook flows like a mighty river.

He perfectly reveals the following for each of his ideas:

  • the what
  • the why
  • the how
  • and the when

I’ve read many books in my life. Most ebooks are stuck in the “what” to do. They usually lack the why, how, and when.

Live Intentionally doesn’t. The e-book over-delivers (something rare in today’s world).

In Harsh’s own words, “Live Intentionally is a 90-day self-project that aims to help you achieve your potential by giving you all the tools you need to become a strong, calm, and purposeful individual.”

It’s a compelling read. And I think many will find immense value inside its pages.

Live Intentionally is a simple framework that seeks to help you understand your past and what you want out of life, take control over your mind’s inner voice, become more disciplined, and transform yourself into a person of prevalent substance.

Live Intentionally is a 90-days challenge of cold, hard effort. It’s both a guide to living intentionally and a guide to level up your life.

The ebook reveals the following ideas:

  • The most powerful habits you should build to win in life.
  • Simple ways to remove bad habits such as smoking, watching porn, doing drugs.
  • A workbook to help you track your progress.
  • The secrets to fixing your internal monologue.
  • Why you should reframe problems as opportunities and how to do it.
  • Masterful ways to cultivate discipline, self-control, and mental toughness.
  • Proactive measures to deal with hard to handle urges.
  • The absolute best way to improve your ability to manage your emotions.
  • How to start meditating and the best smartphone app to get started.
  • A guide to constructing your mental narrative to build level up your life.
  • Dumbproof way to conquer your body.
  • Why nutrition is a critical component of living intentionally and how to fix your diet.
  • The most straightforward morning routine that will define absolute momentum for the rest of the day.
  • And so much more.

At the moment, Live Intentionally has a price of $19.99. And Harsh has even included a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. Which makes it a safe investment for anyone who decides to jump into the Live Intentionally train.

When you’re ready to Live Intentionally and discover the secrets of how to live a life well lived, click the magical link down below.

I want to start to Live Intentionally now.

– Jose

P.S.: This is what other trusted creators have to say about Live Intentionally:

To any young man looking to fix himself, his life—I encourage him to sincerely read & more importantly execute the crisp advice this actionable book contains.

He will 100% see changes.”

– Fateh Singh (@fatehshernu)

The book is an easy read & is delivered in an entertaining fashion. Follow the framework to a tee & you are bound to see massive personal growth.”

– Arman Chowdhury

“It is a book of action, none of the cookie cutter filler nonsense. Each aspect of one’s life that has to be taken control of is shown in a practical manner WHY it’s out of our control, and HOW to regain it back.”

– Benjamin George

P.P.S: Really! Grab a copy of Live Intentionally pdf here.

How to cut your writing time in half

Today, I’ll give you access to one of the emails I sent to my newsletter. I don’t usually publish my emails, but this one seemed to be loved by many of my subscribers.

Have you ever wondered how to write your blogpost, ebooks, reports, sales pitches, and about anything you want to in half the time?

Here’s everything you need to know to make this happen.


Here’s the deal, email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to make money online.

See, the reality is that, email has become the number one way to have direct access to people’s brain and souls. You can truly build a special bond with your subscribers.

There’s no other tool that, with a couple of clicks and edgy words, can help you make so much money.

Ok… ok… ok… we have Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

But that cr*p cost a lot of money, and not everyone wishes to learn how to create ads or pay for it.

Having an email list is nearly free.

I say nearly because the full cost is the money you pay for the email marketing software and the time you invest in writing the email.

So, without further ado, how do you write an email in half the time?

Talk about ONE topic alone.

Stop trying to cram a lot of stuff into one email. Most people’s attention span is low, so the fewer subjects you write about, the better. This also helps you, as is simpler to write about ONE single idea.

Sit down and write.

Forget about opening other Chrome tabs, and having music in the background… only write. No music, no tabs, no wasting time. Focus!

Time yourself.

I recorded myself writing this email. Meaning, I’m trying to write the email against the clock. My goal is to write it under 20 minutes, but I’m sure I’ll be able to write in less time. Here’s a challenge for you: open your smartphone’s timer and add 20 minutes to it. Press start and write.

Write about the things you know.

There’s no need to try to impress your subscribers with fancy ideas. Stick to what you know, as it’s easier to write about stuff that doesn’t take too much mental effort (because you already know the topic).

Forget about grammar and logical sequence.

You achieve “perfection” during the editing phase. Stop worrying about grammar and write.

Edit. Edit. Edit.

You create masterpieces during the editing phase. Only edit after you’re done writing.

When you run out of ideas, write everything that comes into your mind.

Yup… I ran out of ideas, so I wrote this tip (hahaha).

And that’s all you need to know about writing an email (or anything) in record time.

Watch the full video here.



Love y’all.

Until next time.

Tu amigo,
– Jose Rosado

If you have a 9-to-5 job, taking massive action is dumb. Here’s what you should do instead.

Everyone is telling you to take massive action.

“Taking massive action is the key to success.”

“Taking massive action is the number way to succeed.”

Look, screw taking massive action. Because, if you have a 9-to-5 job, you can’t easily take massive action as you’ve already sold your time to someone else.

So, what can you do instead?

Enter Consistent Action

Small actions add up.

Imagine doing something every day for the next month. What do you think will happen?

The worst case scenario is that you get better. The best case scenario is that you achieve your goals faster than what you were expecting.

Unfortunately, you were never taught how to be consistent on your own accord.

See, most parents force their children into action by threatening their kids with some form of punishment. Most teachers use the “do this or you’ll get an F” as a way to force their student into action. Most bosses threaten their employees with “get it done or you’re fired”. So it becomes awfully hard for people to take action without being threatened or strong-armed into it.

So I’m here to shine the light on how to take Consistent Action.

Here’s my approach to it.

(Caveat: this is not for everyone. What works for me may or may to work for you. Try things out, and stick to that which works for you).

The Three Daily Tasks You Must Always (And I Mean Always) Complete

Choose 3 tasks that you must complete daily that will help you reach your goals. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. They must always be completed, even you don’t feel like it.

These tasks must be small in scope, easy to accomplish, and repeatable.

By completing these tasks, you’ll be one step closer to that which your heart desires.

Now, how do you know which tasks to choose?

Here are the 4 characteristics you need to take into consideration to select your 3 Daily Tasks:

  1. They must be repeatable.
  2. They must lead to profits sooner rather than later.
  3. They must not take more than 1 hour of work each.
  4. They can only be done by you (if you can, delegate everything else)

Let me give you an example.

At the moment of this writing, my 3 daily tasks are:

One – Write my daily email for my newsletter (30 minutes)

Two – Write my social media post (30 minutes)

Three – Find new clients or pitch new services to my current ones (30-60 minutes)

What to do after you’ve completed these tasks?


Or, better yet, do other productive stuff.

In my case, I usually do some freelancing work, record videos for an Online Business School I have, or develop more products to sell.

But the reality is that after I complete these tasks, I can take the day off without feeling guilty.

“Hey… remember that I have a 9-to-5 job. This seems rather difficult to achieve?”

FACT: You already sold eight of your productive hours to your employer. This means that you will not have enough time to do other stuff.

You have around 10 productive hours available per day.

Here’s the math: 8hr of sleep + 2 hrs to eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner, cheat meals) + 2 hrs for family/friends + 2 hrs of commute. This adds up to 14hrs that you can’t use to make money or achieve your goals.

Meaning, you have 10 hours left to do what you want. Thing is that you have a 9-to-5 job, so in reality, you only have around 2 hours left to work on achieving your dreams.

Therefore, here’s the workaround you need.

– Choose the Three Task that you can perform every day, but make them smaller in scope.

So my proposal to you is: stop thinking you can take massive action because you can’t (you don’t have enough time in the day, as you still need to pay attention to other areas of your life).

It’s better and smarter to take smaller, consistent action.

Slow and steady every day will always be better than working long hours during weekends.

3 Formulas for eternal content creation (and two extra tips)

Have you ever wondered how some people create so much content and never seem to run out of ideas?

I too used to wonder that.

For years, I wanted to showcase my ideas… ideas that I believed would help others level up their lives. Ideas that, with time, would rise in value and turn into a profitable investment.

But, I procrastinated.

I avoided hitting the public button because I thought that I needed to be 100% original with everything I created. I thought that everything had to be NEW. I thought that originality was about promoting ideas that no one had ever thought about before.

Luckily, I realized that Originality is not only about giving birth to new ideas, new ways of being or new thoughts. It’s also about merging old ideas with new ones, telling my story, talking about my struggles, offering a solution to problems I know how to solve, and teaching others how to achieve personal freedom.

I also noticed that many people also struggle with creating content for the same reason I was. They’re stuck in the old thinking that their ideas should always be new, and 100% original.

These people are stranded in what I call the Originality Vortex. The Originality Vortex is a place of despair and massive stress where content creators dwell on their incapability of originating NEW, original content.

I’ve been there. And, if you’re reading this, I’ll assume you’ve also been stuck inside of it.

So, let me show the formulas I use for content creation.

These formulas helped me escape the Originality Vortex. Hopefully, they’ll help you to escape the vortex too.

Formula #1: Problem – Solution

Talk about your past struggles and how you solved them.

Write down:

  • the exact steps you took to overcome your challenges
  • your thought process
  • the hardships you experienced
  • the solutions you found
  • the things that didn’t pan out
  • and the results you got.

Yeah, I know… there’s “nothing original” about this.

But hear me out, the goal of this content is to teach people how to solve a particular issue by following the same steps you took.

The original part of this piece of content is showing off how YOU solved it. See, you’re an expert on living your life. And only you can tell your story. By telling your story, you’ll help others find the motivation they needed to overcome their struggles.

Formula #2: Using Stories As The Path To Teaching

You can manufacture originality by linking your experiences with old knowledge or new market trends.

Now, how do you actually do this?

First, think about something that really impressed you.

Then, write the story about your experience with that something.

Finally, provide value by teaching people how they can provoke these kinds of emotions on other people

To abstract? Here’s an example.

I remember when I bought my first iPhone. I bought it from a friend of my wife. It was not new, yet it felt new.

The silky feeling of sliding my fingers thru its glossy screen, the fast response of the software after each of the taps I made on it, and the colossal upgrade from a Blackberry to the iPhone made having this exquisite piece of human achievement for the first time in my hands a wonderful experience – even though the phone was not new.

Apple figured out that the user experience was a critical component of a successful product. And they exploited the hell out of this. From the unboxing experience to the sound the phone makes, and all the way to the ease-of-use of its software makes this product a fantastic study case for brand management and effective user experience.

So, how can you develop a great user experience that will turn your customers into forever fans? Let’s dissect Apple’s approach…

[Annnnnd, here’s where you start laying out your reasons and ideas]

Hopefully, you can see how powerful this formula is.

I started with a story about myself. This story then paved the way to the value part of the content (the how-to).

This is a simple, yet effective formula. You can never overuse it.

Formula #3: Merging The Old With The New

Disney has made millions using this formula.

They’ve remade several of their most acclaimed motion pictures.

Disney effectively weaponized nostalgia.

See, using nostalgia is a great marketing tool (Old-school actually never grows old).

Most people miss the old days. Not because they miss being young, but for all the beautiful experiences they lived back in the days.

By merging the old with the new, you can effectively appeal to the nostalgia center of your readers’ brains.

Imagine for a while that you’re a fitness coach. How would you use this formula to create content?

Well, talk about the golden era of bodybuilding.

Example: Top bodybuilding tricks used by 70’s bodybuilders that will massively increase your strength.

Another example: The untold secrets to building muscles used by Golden Era Bodybuilders.

One final example: Gwow your biceps by 6 inches in 6 months using these Golden Era Bodybuilding exercises.

The real trick to this formula is finding a way to transition your story to either an offer or a teaching opportunity (but that’s outside the scope of this article).

The Formula Of All Formulas: The Content Creation Topics Trifecta

Most people want to achieve personal freedom.

This freedom is different from person to person. But, at the end of the day, freedom is about having:

* Better Health
* More Wealth
* Better Relationships

Your role as a content creator is finding multiple ways to appeal to any of the topics I listed above.

People don’t read you because they like you or because they want to be you. Nope.

People read your stuff because of how you make them feel.

By linking your content to health, wealth and/or relationships you enhance the relatability and emotional weight of your content.

One More Thing

If none of the above worked, do this:

1. Write all the stupid things that come to your mind.

2. Then edit: fix grammar, beautify the content with appealing synonyms, move sentences around, add, remove, rewrite.

That’s all you have to do.

Fix your relationship with sales. Or stay broke.

Here’s the deal.

You either fix your relationship with sales or stay broke.

I mean, why wouldn’t you promote your products and services if you truly believed in their value?

You believe in them, right?

“I don’t want to make people uncomfortable…. so I don’t like feeling too salesy. So I don’t pitch my offers that often.”

If you know that your products will SOLVE your prospect’s problems, you need to use all the tactics in the playbook to persuade them into buying.

The thing is that you’re worried about how people’s perception of you might change. You don’t want to feel that you’re overly salesy and you want people to buy under their own accord. So you struggle to jump aboard the Money Mindset.

I totally understand this.

I too used to struggle with this notion.

That is until I understood that some people needed the extra push to buy my stuff. After I realized this, I stopped caring about the perception shift that selling too hard might cause in other people.

And you know what?

The world’s a better place for me being a hardcore salesman, because I know my ebooks and other products are valuable. Not because I created them, but because people have told me that my ideas have helped them overcome their struggles, destroy their fears and motivate them into action. I need no more proof that what I’m doing is good for the world.

See, the market is the one who decides who and what deserves attention. And, by mastering the art of sales, you make it easier on yourself to weaponize the untapped attention that’s waiting for you.

You can even use sales techniques to get that salary raise you’ve been needing for months. The reality is that selling is not only for marketers and product people. People with regular jobs can also benefit from the powers of salesmanship.

So here’s my proposal for you:

  • Get good at sales.
  • Promote your services and products prolifically.
  • Make some sales.
  • Fix your mindset.
  • And fix your damn relationship with sales.

Because you’re either selling or going more broke over time.

The Non-Secret Way To Make Money Online

Today I will reveal the Non-secret way to make money online.

I remember the first time I had a taste of Internet Money.

I was sitting on my black Markus IKEA chair (best $200 I’ve spent) when I decide to take a look into my Amazon Affiliates dashboard.

And then I saw it. The sales chart had an upward spike.

I made $3.75 on Affiliate sale!

Little did I know that I broke ALL of Amazon’s rules.

Here’s What Happened?

Back then, I had copy-pasted tons of affiliate links to what its now my defunct Pinterest Page.

Funny thing is that I was getting millions of views every month. But I was not making sales.

This lack of sales prompted me to check if my affiliate links were working. So I went into my Pinterest page and clicked one of the pins. The links were working… so I did some digging and I found the reason (I’ll tell in a while).

After the massive disappointment, I did a quick search for a Kindle Oasis I was craving to buy for weeks.

I bought the thing and little did I know that I was going to get some money by buying it.

And that’s how I got my first $3.75 of passive income. I literally paid myself without even noticing, because my own affiliate link helped me earn this money.

Full disclosure: at the time I didn’t know I broke all of Amazon’s rules. Heck, I don’t even know if I broke Amazon’s rules or not. Nor do I care. As I’m not using Amazon affiliates anymore. So I don’t suggest you do this.

Still, the taste of the $3.75 changed everything for me.

“Jose, So What’s The Non-secret Way To Make Money Online”

Enough rambling! Here’s the pure reality of making money online.

Having tons of views on your web site, Pinterest page, Instagram posts or Tweets doesn’t translate into sales.

I mean, my Pinterest account was getting millions of views every month.

BUT! No one was clicking the affiliate link. Meaning I was not driving traffic to the offer.

So, to start making money online, start driving traffic to your offers!

And there it is, my dear friend:

The Non-secret way of Making Money Online is driving traffic to your offers.

No traffic = no sales.

No sales = no money.

No money =  you die.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Offers?

Promoting prolifically, of course.

See, you need to shamelessly plug your offers everywhere.

Here’s how/where:

Paid traffic
– Facebook ads
– Google ads

Free traffic
– Tweets
– Emails
– Social media
– Guest posting
– Podcasts

I would suggest you give social media a try – because it’s free and easy to use.

For example, here’s how I use Twitter to drive traffic to my offers.

I tweet something along these lines:

If you want to level up your lifestyle…

If you want to live a life of freedom…

If you need to put an end to most of your financial struggles…

Get my Money Mindset ebook ?


“But I Don’t Have Any Followers In Social Media”

You don’t need a huge following to start making gains.

A friend of mine made $450 in profit selling his first ebook (on PRESALE).

Back then he only had 700 followers on Twitter.

Now, how did he manage to make sales?

He took my advice.

Most people who have acted upon my advice has made money online.

“Which advice, Jose?”

Well, I wrote all about them on my Money Mindset ebook.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Money Mindset

  • Revealed: 8 Mindset Shifts to get paid massively.
  • Naked reality of making money online.
  • The #2 reason why people stay broke (And #1 Too).
  • 6 steps to create valuable offers.
  • Two simple-to-implement ideas to increase your self-worth.
  • The best skills for the online market.
  • Dumb-proof way to choose what to sell.
  • Shortcut to pricing your offers.
  • The absolute fastest way to make more money that most people fear to implement.

When you’re ready, be sure click the link below to get Money Mindset.

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