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Beating Online Addiction

You’re an addict. You just don’t know it.

Or worst yet!

You might think that you’re not an addict.

But trust me, you are.

Now maybe you don’t swallow down a keg of beer every night or stupefy yourself doing illegal drugs.

Maybe you’re pretty sure that you’re in control.

But ask yourself, are you?

Whether you like it or not, on some level, you are an addict.

Just because your addiction is legal doesn’t make it right.

You’re addicted to that sweet, sweet dopamine.

Don’t feel bad. We all are.

All addiction boils down to becoming dependent on dopamine.

We’re all addicted to getting our brain to release a flood of dopamine.

The question is, what shape is the key used to open the lock that lets the dopamine flow?

You’ll stand there and say that you have it all under control when you don’t.

Think about what form your addictions take?

Does it take the form of something that no one could ever find offensive?

Is it buying a load of useless stuff online you don’t need?

Is it fishing for likes on Instagram?

Or is it looking for clout on Tiktok?

Or are you continually drinking from the outrage fountain on Twitter?

You can tell yourself it’s not harming anyone.

But let’s be real for a while.

You’re addicted to dopamine.

Now, what if I told you that you could reprogram yourself to use dopamine addiction to reach greatness?

Here’s how.

Focus your energy on getting these tasks done.

And soon, your brain is going to be begging you to do the work that needs to be done.

See, winning changes your brain in ways that nothing else does.

When you win, all you want to do is keep winning.

Winning is the most powerful motivational force.

Become obsessed with winning.

Become addicted to winning.

Win every day.

And by starting small, developing the winning habits, being mindful about what you’re doing, and getting things done every day, you’ll become addicted to doing the things that will help you reach that you crave.

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