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The Danger of Being the “Affordable Option” (And How to Fix It)

Trying to be the “affordable option” will destroy your business.

Thankfully, charging higher prices is easier than you think.

It might sound crazy…

But you’ll gain a lot more by reading this than from any other post you’ve read.

And I promise you can do this with just a few simple steps.

Let me show you how to charge more money and get better clients without giving more features, without working more, and without feeling bad about it.

All while feeling good about charging more money.

How I went from charging $500 to $20,000…

There’s a lot of danger in believing that you should be the affordable option.

You’ll be overwhelmed. You’ll be frustrated. And you’ll be working with nightmare clients—you know, the clients who will call you at 11 p.m. on a Saturday.


I remember back in 2014–2015, I was charging just $500 per site. But one day, I got fed up, so I decided right then to start asking for $1,000 instead. A few days later, I got a call from a referral. On that first call, I told him I only worked with people willing to invest at least $1K on their website.

I was nervous.

But to my surprise, he said yes.

And I was blown away.

That realization of charging more money and feeling good about it eventually led to me bumping my prices to $5,000.

Then to $10,000.

And then to $20,000.

Now, do I always get the $20K clients?


But I’ll never forget landing my first $20K client. As a former 9-5 employee, I was making $20K/year, so getting that much from a single client blew my mind. And it proved I had something people would pay top dollar for.

But more importantly, it showed my messaging was working.

Raising Your Prices is Easier Than You Think

Raising your prices? It’s simpler than you realize.

Just follow these easy steps:

Here they are:

1. Target wealthier clients
2. Position yourself as the premium option

That’s it.


And you can do both at the SAME time.

Allow me to break it down.

But first…

Why Competing as the “Affordable Option” is a Losing Battle

For starters, let’s use an example.

We’ll go with web design, okay?

Looking at the web design industry, you’ll notice countless agencies offering the moon for peanuts.


What exactly are they selling?
“Affordable web design services.”

And who are they targeting?
Price-sensitive folks.

The industry will destroy you if you try competing as a cheap option.

You just can’t compete with people who are the best at being affordable. Now, this doesn’t mean their work sucks. It means they’ll always beat you on price. And you don’t want to get into that race to the bottom. Trust me.

So what if you sold the exact same service to richer clients instead?

“Easier said than done, Jose.”


To sell to richer clients, you need better positioning.

And positioning boils down to just:

• HOW you pitch your services
• To WHOM you’re pitching

It’s that simple.

So if you want to move up the client wealth ladder, you’ll only need to use your words better.

Here’s what I recommend:

Just for kicks…

Here’s a typical way most would use to sell their affordable web design:

“Affordable web design services for personal brands.”

Too in the nose, right?

In reality, most would probably say:

“Skyrocket your personal brand with premium web design.”

Ugh, excuse me while I puke.

But that’s just plain horrible.

(Whenever I see “skyrocket,” I think it is a scam. I think the person is going to take my money and disappear. So please, stop using this startup jargon. It doesn’t work.)

So let me show you the right way.

Here’s what I’d to say to attract richer clients for your premium web design services:

“Exclusive web design for high-impact, 6-figure coaches seeking brand authority and high-paying clients.”

Feel the difference?

Same service. Targeting different client wealth.


The HIGHER you go on the client wealth scale, the MORE money there is to make.

This means your services become far more valuable in your client’s eyes.

And all it takes?

Better positioning.

Achieved simply by leveraging the power of words.

Revamping Your Messaging Is The Key to Premium Positioning

Stop using weak messages like “affordable web design services for personal brands” or “skyrocket your personal brand with premium web design.”

These phrases sound unprofessional and unreliable.

Improve your messaging with better wording.

Here’s are two examples messaging:

  • Weak: “Affordable web design services for personal brands.”
  • Better: “Exclusive web design for high-impact personal brands seeking top-tier clients.”

But we’re not done yet.

See, to find these impactful words, you’ll need to follow 3 steps.

3 Steps to Improve Your Positioning

There are three simple steps to improve your positioning:

1. Understand your audience by researching their pain points, desires, and budgets.

2. Craft a message that addresses their needs and highlights how your services are the solution.

3. Refine that message based on feedback until it’s irresistible.

Use your words to climb the client wealth ladder and attract higher earners who see the value in what you offer.

The key here is refining the message.

By refining your messaging—whether in headlines, content, or emails—you position yourself to attract wealthier clients who value your services and are willing to pay more.

Let’s do the refinement now.

Refine Your Message for Maximum Impact

Examples of refining your message:

  • Bad Positioning: “I work with personal brands.” This is too broad and vague.
  • Good Positioning: “I create custom, brand-aligned websites that help personal brands attract their ideal clients and showcase their unique expertise.”
  • Great Positioning: “I specialize in designing conversion-focused websites for 6-figure personal brands in the coaching industries, helping them attract top-tier clients and build brand authority.”


You might say that this process is too simple.


Whenever I find myself with complexities or thinking, “Oh, this can’t be it—it’s just too easy,” I end up doubting myself. So I failed. Every. Single. Time.

For example, when I started my web design agency,

I truly thought it was super complicated to start an agency, hire people, and get clients online. When, in fact, it’s super simple. It’s just that every time we start something new, we make up worse-case scenarios in our heads. All you have to do is not let those negative thoughts get in the way.

For that reason, you need to simplify your processes and your thinking.

Your Big Win is Coming

Whenever you doubt your messaging is working, just keep refining it. Soon, prospects will start hopping on calls and saying, “Oh my god, this is exactly what I need.”

That’s what happens to me now.

In fact, my close rate is nearly 80%, meaning 8 out of 10 people who get on a call end up buying.

Sure, my clients already know me because they follow me—they came from my organic content. But still, an 80% close rate? That was all thanks to dialing in my messaging, providing real value, researching, and, most importantly, not giving up.

So, if you’re talented but struggling to position yourself to charge more, keep going.

Your big win is coming, and it’ll happen faster than you think.

Remember how it felt the first time you charged more than usual?

Maybe a little scary, maybe even a bit guilty of charging more believe that you weren’t worth it. But then you probably thought, “Damn, I should have done this sooner!”

I know I did.

And it happened every single time I raised my prices.

Now, I want you to experience that same feeling.

Because here’s the truth:

The more you charge, the easier it gets.

This is the way.


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