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6 Systems I Use Everyday In My Business

When I was broke…

I thought that working more would bring in more money.

But now that I’m not broke…

I do everything I can to work less.

So how do I make $50,000/mo while only working one hour at my marketing firm?

Let me explain.

To make money, you don’t need to:

  • Work more time
  • Sacrifice your health
  • Rely on luck

What you need are systems.

Let me show you the 6 systems I use every day in my business:

System 1: Generative AI System

Now, I know what you’re thinking,

“Jose, you’re not some big-brained MIT scientist, how are you using AI?”

Many tools let a simpleton like me harness the power of AI.

I, for once, use ChatGPT and Descript.

Easy and powerful.

System 2: Automated Sales Funnels

I’ve got tools for email marketing and posting on social.

These run 24/7.

And help me sell my products and services without lifting a finger.

That way I can focus on making my clients happy.

System 3: Content Creation System

Content creation is the bread and butter of my existence.

With my system, my team can churn out:

• Emails • IG carousels • Twitter threads

And more for my clients.

We use software that lets us collaborate.

Tools like:

Notion, Figma, HypeFury.

System 4: Streamlined Operations and Delegation

Ah, delegation, my favorite word.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to make my business operations smoother.

From planning to delivery…

We’ve trimmed the fat and fine-tuned our workflows.

I also delegated 90% to my team.

I’m mostly strategizing and talking with clients.

System 5: Customer Relationship System

Nope, not talking about a CRM here.

I’m referring to the art of onboarding and communicating with clients

The secret to a thriving business is…

Cultivating strong relationships with them.

My team and I are always available for their questions and concerns.

System 6: Productivity System

I know what you’re thinking:

“How can someone so lazy be productive?”

It’s because I’m not.

I also prioritize 3 tasks that generate the most revenue for me.

And I do other things OUTSIDE of my marketing firm.

• I write my content • I record my videos • I hop on occasional sales calls.

But client work is done by my team.

Stay winning,

– Jose

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