How to pick a topic to write about

Do you want to start writing online but can’t decide on a topic? Maybe it’s that you’re good at many things so you don’t want to box yourself in. Or maybe you find writing about only one thing boring. Writing online is supposed to be fun. But it’s also supposed to help you position yourself […]

Top 9 copywriting mistakes

Ever read a fantastic headline but the article was boring? Boring content: Don’t ruin your reader’s dopamine high. So avoid these 9 caption buzz-killers in your posts. 1. Unsexy first line The first line is “the ad of your post.” Get them right to encourage readers to continue reading. Pro tip: write it last. 2. […]

8 principles to make an income online

Let me tell you the 8 principles to making an income online ethically, responsibly, and consistently. Principle 1: Determine Where To Spend Your Time Post content online. But don’t try to grow multiple social media accounts at the same time. It’s nearly impossible when starting out. Pick one first. ✍️ Use Twitter or LinkedIn if […]

How to Organize Your Calendar As A Creator

Organize your calendar well and gain a sense of unparalleled clarity and control. After talking with many friends, creators, customers, and clients, I’ve realized that many people don’t know how to organize their calendars. They stumble upon their daily event, they’re always late, they miss out on great opportunities, and get into trouble with family […]

5 Ways To Fight Writer’s Block

Let me break it down for you. Writer’s Block is a dumb excuse you use to hide the fact you’re afraid. There’s no such thing as writer’s block. Writer’s block is a hoax. There’s only fear. You fear embarrassment – “will it be good enough?” You fear failure – “will it flop?” Control the fear, […]

How to start your online business today

Online business is a business that makes money (or great chunk of it) from online sales. Most of the systems, processes, and operations are done online. In my opinion, the major difference between online biz and offline biz is speed. Online biz feels faster to me. Why? Because you can reach thousands of people on […]

4 easy ways to handle difficult situations

If you told me in February 2020 that the entire world would be on hold, I would have laughed in your face. But here we are! I don’t know where you’re at in your life, but I’m here to show you a simple way to reduce your stress levels. That said, all I can do […]