5 Lies You Tell Yourself For Not Creating Your Digital Products

Everyone underestimates their ability to self-sabotage. We invent excuses to never start. We lie to ourselves to avoid taking action. Let’s fix this now. Here’s are the 5 most common excuses people use to avoid creating and selling digital products. 1. I’m not an expert This is a classic one. And I agree. You’re not […]

Beating Online Addiction

You’re an addict. You just don’t know it. Or worst yet! You might think that you’re not an addict. But trust me, you are. Now maybe you don’t swallow down a keg of beer every night or stupefy yourself doing illegal drugs. Maybe you’re pretty sure that you’re in control. But ask yourself, are you? […]

Mindfulness at work

I was drowning in work, stacks of digital paperwork were piling up in my hard drive. It had been like this for months. All of a sudden, my right eyelid started twitching. What the hell? What could it be? It was stress. I didn’t think I got affected by stress, but there you go. I […]

How to master your emotions

I’ve always wondered, how do you master your emotions? I’m a guy who likes to have total control over myself. Be that diet, strength, or even how long I let my beard go. What makes my emotions any different? Emotional mastery is just as important to me. So much so, I’ve dedicated years of my […]