9 Ways To Make Money In The Digital Economy

I was broke for years. The reason? I never stuck to one way of making money in the digital economy. I tried out many of them at the same time. But never went too deep. Today I know better. Once I decided on ONE way to tap into the digital economy, things started going my […]

1200 words business plan to become financially free online

The comfort of a 9-5 is nice but the comfort of becoming financially free online and owning your own time is even nicer. Every single day, more and more people are taking advantage of the internet to become wealthy and free. Why aren’t you? You might feel it’s unrealistic. You might think you can’t do […]

5 Easiest ways to make money online

You don’t need a degree to make money online, you don’t need a certificate, you don’t need a certain job title, and you don’t need permission from anyone. If you have a wi-fi connection, a laptop, and you get obsessed with the methods I’m about to tell you about, you’ll have a key to freedom. […]

Multiply Your Salary By 7 Fast and Ethically

In 2009, I got my first job as a web designer. I learned a lot during this stage of my life, but the salary… it was a laughing stock. Back then, I didn’t have a car, so I spent half of my money on transportation and low-quality food. After 4 months of lousy work (even […]

Fix your relationship with sales. Or stay broke.

Here’s the deal. You either fix your relationship with sales or stay broke. I mean, why wouldn’t you promote your products and services if you truly believed in their value? You believe in them, right? “I don’t want to make people uncomfortable…. so I don’t like feeling too salesy. So I don’t pitch my offers […]

The Dirty Little Secret Of Making Your First $1000 Online.

There’s something funny about making your first $1000 online. The rush. The dopamine. The uncontrollable happiness. This is feeling is only surpassed by what you felt when you made your first $100. And this doesn’t even come close to the feeling of making your first dollar online. I’ve been a web designer for more than […]