Multiply Your Salary By 7 Fast, Legally and Ethically

In 2009, I got my first job as a web designer.

I learned a lot during this stage of my life, but the salary… it was a laughing stock.

Back then, I didn’t have a car, so I spent half of my money on transportation and low-quality food.

After 4 months of lousy work (even on Saturdays), a new possibility aroused: a new job opportunity!

They offered me 2x my current salary.

Thing is, I did not feel comfortable in this new company. So I decided to change jobs again. So I joined an institution where I also doubled my income.

I was very comfortable in this new job. I had few things to do. Meaning, I was mostly free to do whatever I wanted. However, I decided to change my job again.

And again I doubled my earnings.

In this last place, I worked for 5 years. They offered great benefits and I was able to obtain several salary readjustments that practically doubled my income once more.

In my case, I was able to multiply my earnings by 7 in just 4 years.

For my safety, I can not say how much money I earned while employed, but I can tell that I was mostly OK with my salary.

How to earn more money being employed?

If you paid attention, there is a well-marked pattern in my work life history.

In just 4 years I changed jobs 4 times.

At the beginning of my career, I could say that I changed jobs an average of 1 time per year and that each time my income doubled.

Online Business is great. See, I do live from Internet Money. But, this wasn’t always the case.

If you want to earn more money being employed, send your resume everywhere and at all times. Always keep your eyes opened for a new job opportunity.

Also accept every job interview others offers you, even if you do not have the desire to work there. By doing this, you’ll meet many people, but more important than all, they will get to know you.

Many people will tell you that changing jobs so many times is a bad idea. Screw that!

Changing jobs works because companies rarely provide significant salary increases. In general, it takes a lot of time to climb up the corporate ladder.

Last words.

Many want to work for others.

Not everyone desires to manage their own company, or make money online. And, in many cases, you can have an excellent life being employed.

For this reason, I praise all those who love their jobs.

So passing around your résumé, and change jobs fast.

If you think that changing jobs will help you make more money, share this article.

Live Intentionally Book Review

You’ve tried every single tactic in the book.

You’ve started and stopped pursuing to build several power habits.

You’ve read multiple books. You’ve done your homework. You’ve sought guidance with that friend you trust.

But the truth is that you still feel you’re not living up to your potential.

Perhaps you fear for your future and you dislike feeling powerless while trying to take full control of your life.

And you might even have reasonable hate for the belief that no matter what you try, you’ll stay stuck in the same place.

Let’s be clear, now.

You know you have massive potential inside of you. You can feel it in your bones. And you have even experienced the sense of full control sometime in your past.

Imagine for a while the truly elite lifestyle you could have if you stuck to your goals and followed through the promises you make to yourself.

Let’s make it simpler.

Picture your perfect day. Maybe you crushed all your tasks one after the other, you felt like a productive silverback gorilla after that. That same day you managed to ignore the cravings for your favorite junk foods and avoided the harmful stuff you struggle to avoid. And, just for fun, you were able to successfully face some of your fears.

What a difference a day makes. Yes?

Now, imagine multiplying this magnificent day times 90.

Some time back, I read Harsh’s (from the Life, Math, Money blog) newly released ebook Live Intentionally.

It’s so new, that even if its an e-book, I can still smell the freshness of its digital pages.

This gem of an ebook sets the tone for people who are seeking live up to their full potential.

The simplicity in which Harsh explains his ideas is superb, and the ebook flows like a mighty river.

He perfectly reveals the following for each of his ideas:

  • the what
  • the why
  • the how
  • and the when

I’ve read many books in my life. Most ebooks are stuck in the “what” to do. They usually lack the why, how, and when.

Live Intentionally doesn’t. The e-book over-delivers (something rare in today’s world).

In Harsh’s own words, “Live Intentionally is a 90-day self-project that aims to help you achieve your potential by giving you all the tools you need to become a strong, calm, and purposeful individual.”

It’s a compelling read. And I think many will find immense value inside its pages.

Live Intentionally is a simple framework that seeks to help you understand your past and what you want out of life, take control over your mind’s inner voice, become more disciplined, and transform yourself into a person of prevalent substance.

Live Intentionally is a 90-days challenge of cold, hard effort. It’s both a guide to living intentionally and a guide to level up your life.

The ebook reveals the following ideas:

  • The most powerful habits you should build to win in life.
  • Simple ways to remove bad habits such as smoking, watching porn, doing drugs.
  • A workbook to help you track your progress.
  • The secrets to fixing your internal monologue.
  • Why you should reframe problems as opportunities and how to do it.
  • Masterful ways to cultivate discipline, self-control, and mental toughness.
  • Proactive measures to deal with hard to handle urges.
  • The absolute best way to improve your ability to manage your emotions.
  • How to start meditating and the best smartphone app to get started.
  • A guide to constructing your mental narrative to build level up your life.
  • Dumbproof way to conquer your body.
  • Why nutrition is a critical component of living intentionally and how to fix your diet.
  • The most straightforward morning routine that will define absolute momentum for the rest of the day.
  • And so much more.

At the moment, Live Intentionally has a price of $19.99. And Harsh has even included a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. Which makes it a safe investment for anyone who decides to jump into the Live Intentionally train.

When you’re ready to Live Intentionally and discover the secrets of how to live a life well lived, click the magical link down below.

I want to start to Live Intentionally now.

– Jose

P.S.: This is what other trusted creators have to say about Live Intentionally:

To any young man looking to fix himself, his life—I encourage him to sincerely read & more importantly execute the crisp advice this actionable book contains.

He will 100% see changes.”

– Fateh Singh (@fatehshernu)

The book is an easy read & is delivered in an entertaining fashion. Follow the framework to a tee & you are bound to see massive personal growth.”

– Arman Chowdhury

“It is a book of action, none of the cookie cutter filler nonsense. Each aspect of one’s life that has to be taken control of is shown in a practical manner WHY it’s out of our control, and HOW to regain it back.”

– Benjamin George

P.P.S: Really! Grab a copy of Live Intentionally pdf here.

(Almost) Anything You Want


From the beginning of time man has searched for the philosopher’s stone, allegedly capable of turning regular metals into valuable gold.

It’s understandable. We all want to have more and be more.

You could Thanos your way into fewer struggles, leaving the average life, and no more suffering (*finger snap for the win*).

Unfortunately, no one has yet found this “mythical stone.” Maybe it’s hidden….


Think about this for a second: Why has man searched for this stone since the beginning of time?

Could it be to for the gold?

Maybe to keep us warm during cold winters?

Or have a healthy body?

Gold is not the end of the equation.

Nor it’s the food, the warm, or the health.

It’s valuable because you can use it to exchange fear for freedom faster.

Of course, the stone is a myth. But there’s a lesson behind this.

People want shortcuts to:
* Freedom
* Wealth
* Relationships

And shortcuts exist! They are called books.

Just think about it.

You can exchange fear for freedom by reading and applying new knowledge.

When you learn a skill, you can exchange the acquired knowledge for freedom, wealth and better relationships (it’s like having your personal philosopher’s stone, kinda).

But learning a new skill is not enough.

You need to know HOW to learn.

Most people never realize that the time they spend learning a skill can be shortened DRAMATICALLY.

That in itself makes rapid skill acquisition a highly valuable meta-skill.

Meaning: wealth could pour into your piggy bank faster when you learn your skills faster.

What I created for you could be your own personal “Philosopher’s Stone.”

I named it “Unf*uck Your Learning: Proven Ways To Learn Anything Faster.

With this guide you’ll learn:

  • A very unusual, but effective way to truly focus
  • Best hacks to promote godlike focus
  • Smart ways to reduce your learning time and retain more information
  • The 3 things that you need to fix immediately to make learning a fulfilling enterprise
  • The exact 6-step process I’ve used for the last 10 years to learn anything.
  • The Simplest and Only Goal Setting System you’ll ever need that actually works.
  • The uncensored process behind my personal journey while learning to code.
  • … and many more

Get it today and see your mental capacity soar.

Unf*uck Your Learning: Proven Ways To Learn Anything Faster

The Dirty Little Secret Of Making Your First $1000 Online.

José Rosado

There’s something funny about making your first $1000 online.

The rush. The dopamine. The uncontrollable happiness.

This is feeling is only surpassed by what you felt when you made your first $100.

And this doesn’t even come close to the feeling of making your first dollar online.

I’ve been a web designer for more than 10 years. 

I’ve been involved in massive projects, and still, none of them made me feel as I did when I got my first $100 and $1000 doing online business.

Funny how that works.

There’s a simple way to get your first $1000, by the way.

You see, there’s a process behind it.

And it all starts with making the decision to earn money online.

There is a caveat though.

You need a skill or a product you can sell.

Most skills are marketable online. And even if they weren’t 100% compatible with online business, you could always find a sales angle to make them sexy for your client’s eye.

The simple way to start your online business

First, you need to select a hungry market.

The hungrier markets are:
–> Health
–> Wealth
–> Relationships

Second, you need to create an offer.

For example:

If you’re a web designer, offer them a webpage.

If you’re into financial consulting, offer a fancy way to control money.

If you’re into fitness, keep it simple with a “before and after” pictures, then sell some consulting or a short ebook.

The trick is to keep things simple at first.

What if I’m into chemistry? Some chemists know how to make candles and soaps. Make them and sell them to the Health, Wealth, and Relationships markets.

“Dude, what are you talking about?”

Bear with me.

Imagine you’re a chemist and that you want to start selling candles.

How would you sell your candles to the different markets?

It’s all in the wording.

Health → Heavenly Touch: candles for relaxing with lavender and chamomile

Wealth → Touch of Gold: hand-made abundance candles

Relationships → The Flame: kinky candles to spice up your sex life

Let me repeat, It’s all in the wording.

So, I’ll end this post with a quick challenge for you.

  • Write down 3 of your best skills.
  • Choose the one you like the most (flip a coin if you can’t decide)
  • Slap a price tag on a 3 tier offer


Here’s the dirty little secret about making your first $1000 online:

Drumrolls, please.

You have to be a shameless MOFO.

Stop caring about what people will think if you send them a direct message, or send them an email out of the blue.

You won’t see their reaction once you put a target on their back. 

So it’s easier on your ego.

You see, you need to promote your offers. This is the only way to make money online. Promote, promote, promote.

Put your ego aside and post your offers EVERYWHERE.

Then, and only then, people will start throwing money at your piggy bank.

BTW, here’s a second little secret: start small.

Get your first $100 first.

My first experience with making money online was with Amazon Affiliates. I got $3.75. I jumped out of my chair to tell my wife about this ground-breaking achievement. $3.75, fam. $3.75.

If you’re wondering about how to create your offer, I have something for you.

So, if you want to learn:

  • The Simplest Market Research Methodology To Get Into People’s Mind
  • Simple Steps To Create Your Offers
  • The Fastest Way To Select Your Niche

You can do so by watching my Freelance Hero Learning Series at Sovereing University.

Bear in mind, that by subscribing to Sovereing University, you’ll get instant access to the following:

  • How to Make Money Online This Month learning series (5 lessons)
  • Freelance Hero learning series (10 lessons)
  • 7 Days To Faster Learning mini-course (8 lessons)
  • Write Your Ebook In 7 Days course (31 lessons)
  • 14 exclusive interviews with battle-tested hustlers
  • 5 in-depth videos about online business

What Reading Dozens Of Books Taught Me

José Rosado

Back when I was 20 years old, I spent an awful lot of time reading all sort of “self-help” books.

I read them all.

Unfortunately, it took me a long time to notice that I was wasting my time by only reading and reading.

“But José, learning time is never wasted time.”

Hear me out.

I wasted time trying to memorize stuff, trying to understand complex topics, getting all flustered up because I thought I was not intelligent enough to learn the new skills I set my eyes on.

You see, people are constantly bombarding you with

  • “Go to College”
  • “You need to pay a teacher”
  • “Study this, or that”
  • “Spend 10 years doing this, and you’ll be rich”
  • “Rote repetition is the only way”

This makes most people get stuck.

In my case, I said to myself, “There must be a faster, easier way to learn new skills.”

The good news is that there’s a better, faster way to learn anything.

And I used these ways to learn the skills that help me make enough money to work from home.

Learning money-making skill is the #1 way to guarantee your success.

It’s not a college degree or memorizing stupid definitions that will help you.

It’s swiftly learning, practicing, and merging some of the following skills: Web Design, Coding, Copywriting, Sales, Marketing, Social Media Ads, Persuasion, and Psychology.

These skill will help you find the success you’ve been looking for.

And there’s a whole bunch of weird techniques to learn them faster and save time.

So, to learn the money-making skills I developed a unique system for Fast Skill Acquisition.

I called this system Unfuck Your Learning.

So get your hands on these weird, but sexy tricks for rapid skill acquisition.

Dear Saray, this is how you create your first website.

I promised to teach my baby sister how to create websites.

This is the first email I sent her.



It was June 17th, 2005 when I received the call.

“José,” said my father, “your mother just gave birth to your baby sister.”

I got mad!

A couple of months earlier I told my mom not to dare to give birth to you while I’m on my senior class trips.

“Don’t worry, José. We will wait for you”, she told me back then. But, nature had a different plan.

My lousy teenage temper soon began disappearing as happiness started taking its place.

But I still had to wait two full days to meet you.

While I was returning to the capital, I asked my teachers to leave me near the clinic.

It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon when I arrived. The sun was setting, painting the sky apricot orange.

While getting off the bus, I watched as my euphoric classmates screamed with joy. We lived through three wondrous days of enjoying the beach, delicious food, and good company.

I said goodbye to them, knowing that I would never see most them again.

Walked down the bus’ stairs, went to the luggage compartment, took my suitcase and walked towards meeting you.

As I entered the clinic, my heart jumped with joy, and I was able to reach.

I saw you.

Then I carried you for the first time. I swear to God you opened your big, beautiful, pitch-dark onyx eyes and smiled at me.

What a day!

This is the first memory I have of you – thank you for that, my pretty girl –.

I want to continue to see your smile. And that’s why I agreed to teach you how to create web pages.

You’ll love it.

So let’s start this new journey!

First things First

Let’s download a text editor.

A text editor is a software for writing code.

I suggest you use the Visual Studio Code editor – who we’ll call VS Code from now on.

Let’s open on our web browser and download VS Code.

Done? Let’s install our new friend then.

Bear in mind that VS Code is available for Mac, PC, and Linux. Therefore, we can use it on different computers and operating systems.

Installed? Yes!

Let’s open it

Black interface?

I imagine that this is somewhat weird for you.

But believe me when I tell you that this will make the time in front of your screen more pleasant. Also, your eyes will thank you.

New File

We have VS Code opened. So, let’s create our first file.

Click on the File menu and choose the New File option.

By doing this, VS Code will create a new file called Untitled-1.

If you wonder why it’s called like that, here’s your answer: we have not saved the file yet, and it has no name.

Notice that the interface changed a bit. We’ll see a new tab with the ugly Untitled-1 name. It will also have a column with the number 1.

I want you to know that text editors assign a number to each row of the file. This is only for reference. Your code will not have those numbers attached.

Therefore, each time we press the enter key within our file, the text editor will add a new row.

Let’s try this out.

Place the cursor on row 1 and click on it. Then, press the enter key five times. Now, our file has six rows.

We will now save the file by pressing the key combination Cmd + S (or Ctrl + S if you are using Windows). Click on the File menu and then on the Save option to continue.

Let’s name it index.html and save the file into some folder.

Why do we use the name index.html?

HTML is the language of web pages.

Internet browsers – such as Chrome or Safari – read the HTML code that lives within .html files. Bear in mind that .html a file extension. A file extension is a suffix at the end of the file name that indicates what type of file it is.

Other file types accept HTML code as well. But, for the moment, I prefer to keep things simple.

Another reason to use the name index.html is that this is the default name of the home page of a web page.

The home page is the page that the internet browser will open when we enter a web page.

For example, if we enter, our browser will load index.html and show the home page that I created for my site.

On the other hand, if we go to, the browser will load a different web page.

Keep in mind that a web page is hosted (lives within) on a server.

A server is a very powerful computer. In it, we can store different types of information and files, such as our new index.html.

Servers usually know that index.html is the main page. For this reason, we named our first file index.html.

I will talk more about this topic soon enough. If you want to learn more about it, read the article “Understanding the Index.html Page on a Website.”

Your first webpage

We already save the file and name it index.html.

Let us take a closer look at the interface.

Notice that the Untitled-1 tab now says index.html. This means that we saved the file successfully.

So, what can we do now?

Let’s write the ! (exclamation point) sign on line 1 of our index.html.

As soon as we add the exclamation point, VS Code will show us the following snippet.

What is a Snippet?

A snippet is a programming term for a small, re-usable code.

VS Code has many shortcuts and snippets to help us create web pages.

When we write the ! sign within a .html file, VS Code will know that it has to look for the snippet that we saw in the previous image.

Each snippet has its own shortcut, which is usually a sign, a word or a combination of characters.

Note: snippets are linked to the file type. The snippet that VS Code looks for when we write ! in a .html file will be different from a .css file. In fact, a .css file will not have a snippet assigned to the exclamation point. By the way, we’ll talk more about CSS later on.

Open the Gates!

Let’s click on the snippet (or press the enter key).

Puff! Magic.

We now have our first HTML code.

Let’s change some things.

Let’s replace the code on line 7 with the following one.

<title>My First Website</title>

Then, we’ll add this to line 10.

<h1>My First Title</h1>

Press the enter key and insert this code on line 11:

<p>This is my first paragraph. I am very happy. This is my first website.</p>

Press Cmd + S to save the changes.

Opening our webpage

Let’s find our index.html file.

To speed up the search, right click on the index.html tab. Then, click Reveal in Finder (or Reveal in Explorer if you’re in Windows).

VS Code offers us this option so that we don’t have to search the file on our computer.

Open the file with Google Chrome (if you do not have Chrome, download it here).

Double click the index.html file.

NOTE: The file might open in Safari if you are using Mac or in Internet Explorer if you are using PC. It’s may also open in VS Code.

If the file opens in VS Code or another program that is not a browser, proceed to open the browser (use Chrome) and click and drag the file over it. Chrome will be kind enough to open it.


We have just created our first web page.

We’ll talk more about HTML in our next encounter.

I’ll explain in depth all the weird terms we saw during this tutorial (<title>, <h1>, <p>, etc).

For the moment, let’s relax and treasure our new achievement!

I’m proud of you.

7 Things I’ve learned from Alexander J.A Cortes

Alexander J.A Cortes

No one is going to Save You.

In other words, no one is going to do the job for you. You must put in the effort.

Alexander’s statement uses fear as the key to igniting your action. His words remind me that things won’t come to me by themselves.

They’ll only come by willing them into reality and by grinding through life with courage and hard work. There is no other way folks. No other way.

Physicality = Mentality

You are what you eat.

Your body is your hardware. Your mind is your software. If you input the wrong stuff into a computer, what do you think your OS will do?

The same applies to your mind. If you eat waste, your thoughts will be waste.

No wonder that depression is the #1 mental problem in the world. We began eating nonsense, and we started experiencing the side effects.

As a rule of thumb, to better your health you should:

  1. Avoid processed food at all cost
  2. Remove sugar from your diet
  3. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day.

After making these part of your daily habits, start working one on the Mastery Trifecta.

Mastery Trifecta

Progress is slow until it’s not.

What you do on a daily basis will compound. And after a while, you’ll notice that what used to take you 3 hours to finish, now takes you 30 minutes.

Skills add up. Scott Adams calls this «Talent Stack». He explains that,

There are two ways to make yourself valuable. The first way is to become the best at some specific skill, the way Tiger Woods dominated golf. But not many of us can be Tiger Woods. So that path is unavailable to 99% of the world.

I recommend a different approach. Most people can – with practice – develop a variety of skills that work well together. I call this idea the Talent Stack.

So how do you upgrade your Talent Stack? Enter the Mastery Trifecta.

Read 1 hour a day

Reading will make you witty, knowledgeable and exciting.

It will ignite your creativity. It will fill up your brain with information, that someday you’ll find useful to your current situation.

Write 1 hour a day

Writing is a form of thinking. It will take you places you wouldn’t have imagined.

Writing you make you scan the innermost part of your conciseness. It will lead the path to a clearer mind,  clearer thoughts and more profound experiences in life.

Train 1 hour a day

Physicality = Mentality.

You are what you eat. You are what you do. You are how you look.

Traning 1 hour a day involves moving a lot and eating correctly. There is no excuse for you not to do it. Whip out a Youtube exercise video and follow it through.

Eating nutritious food is the first habit you should pursue. Follow it up with moderate exercise. Make sure not overexert, as soreness makes most run away from working out.

So train wisely. If it hurts too bad afterward, you are doing it wrong.

Mastery and health = Mentality + Physicality

Overnight success is a myth.

Making a habit of performing well on your reading, writing and, training will ultimately make you a master at your craft.

No one is going to save you. So Push. Push. Push.

Words are more important that one thinks

Some time ago I tweeted a quote from Alexander. He was gracious enough to retweet me (thanks!).

Alexander makes the unattractive (strong legs), sexy (strong legs defy gravity).

As a man, I can certainly feel the need to buy his training programs after reading such eloquent lines.

Writing well has made me win extra cash. It has also developed my talking abilities. I can explain my ideas fluently without hesitation.

By the way, right now I’m overextending my English writing skills, as English is not my first language. But then again, how am I supposed to write well without striking the letters of keyboard day in day out?

Testosterone is good.

Testosterone has a bad rap nowadays. Who knows why. Maybe it has something to do with all the sports scandals involving doping we’ve been bombarded with. Meh…

Nevertheless, men with low testosterone tend to lack energy, stamina, and overall wellness.

As a man, working on leveling up your testosterone will make wonders to your life.

For starters, to optimize your t-levels you should work out, eat nutritious food and eliminate stress from your life. No need for treatment, unless you honestly have a medical condition.

Be authentic

Alexander has risen in Twitter because he’s been authentic. No hiding behind bushes. No mincing words to make you feel good.

Be sure to follow him.

Tres manera para tener una mejor vida

José Rosado

Todos deseamos tener una buena vida. Sea cual sea tu definición de buena vida, para lograr tenerla, tienes que tomar decisiones que sirvan de resorte para impulsarte hasta lo que deseas tener o lograr.

Aquí te dejo tres maneras que te ayudarán a tener una mejor vida.

Controla tu percepción

Hace unos años, unos «desconocidos» entraron en mi hogar aproximadamente a las 4am. Tomaron prestado (sin devolución) unas laptops, mi celular, mi cartera y la de mi esposa. Para mi fortuna, solo se llevaron cosas materiales.

A pesar de que me robaron, pude ver el lado positivo de aquel suceso. Ese día, mi esposa, yo y mi hijo la pasamos de maravilla junto a mi familia y a la de mi esposa. A pesar de lo que sucedió, los beneficios superaron las pérdidas.

Controlé mi percepción y opté por ver el lado positivo de un suceso malo.

Dirige tus acciones

¿Alguna vez te has descubierto negociando contigo mismo? Tal vez seas como yo y te digas a ti mismo, “Si haces esto, te ganas aquello.”.

Una manera super efectiva de dirigir tus acciones es premiándote por las acciones positivas que realices durante el día. Las pequeñas recompensas pueden ayudarte a realizar las tareas que tienes días postergando. Dirige tus acciones hacia aquellos sueños y metas que quieras lograr.

Míralo de esta manera, una noche de Netflix no es una escapatoria, es una recompensa. Entrénate para ver tus horas de ocio como una recompensa por las acciones positivas que realizaste durante el día.

Es importante destacar que dirigir tus acciones es mucho más que premiarte por las cosas buenas que hagas. Es también hacer las cosas que no quieres hacer, es mejorar la calidad de tu trabajo, es reducir el tiempo de entrega, es entregar dentro del presupuesto, es entregar a tiempo, es fascinar a tus relacionados, es satisfacer tu sed de mejorar.

Acepta de buena gana lo que está fuera de tu control.

Cada día nos encontramos con sucesos que se escapan de nuestro control.

Tal vez se pinchó el neumático de tu vehículo, tal vez te enfermaste o tal vez se dañó tu computadora. Estos acontecimiento suelen frenarnos de golpe y, en ocasiones, los vemos como un presagio de lo que está por venir.

No obstante, cuando buscamos controlar nuestra percepción y dirigir nuestras acciones, lo que otros verían como un problema, nosotros lo veríamos como un aprendizaje. Y cuando hacemos esto, ¡ganamos!

Así que ganemos juntos y sigamos buscando una mejor vida para nosotros y nuestros relacionados.

Foto por Austin Schmid en Unsplash