8 hacks to work smarter not harder

work smarter not harder

It’s easy to say work smarter not harder. But how do you actually do this? What does it even mean? A lot of people struggle with deciding how to invest their time and effort. I’ve met people who wake up at 5 a.m and work for 12 hours every day. Yet, they’re deeply unhappy and […]

Focusing on the future will destroy you – do this instead

A couple of days ago, a Twitter follower sent me this DM. “…I have been learning and bettering myself tremendously in the past 5 years of my 20’s. My only issue is that after looking back on this time period in my 30’s I will feel like I wasted what youth I had left. Any […]

7 Tips For Not Going Insane While Working From Home

You might be new at this thing people call “working from home”. You might be struggling to find a way to make this “working from home” work. It feels weird. It feels different. It might even feel a bit uncomfortable. But, in the end, it looks like remote work will become a REAL thing after […]

One Hour Every Day To Change Your Life?

Things aren’t as hard to master as you think. How long does it take to master a skill? If we’re being honest, mastery will take years of toil. There will be frustration. There will be giving up and starting again before you even begin to scratch the surface. Then and maybe even then you might […]

How to cut your writing time in half

Today, I’ll give you access to one of the emails I sent to my newsletter. I don’t usually publish my emails, but this one seemed to be loved by many of my subscribers. Have you ever wondered how to write your blogpost, ebooks, reports, sales pitches, and about anything you want to in half the […]