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How To Charge Premium Rates For Your Services

I went from making $20K a year to:

  • Charging $30K to $50K
  • Building a 6-figure business
  • Realizing that money isn’t real

The key factor?

Being forced to do something I thought was impossible…

Here’s how you can charge premium prices

I struggled for years.

Clients came. Clients left.

My bank account remained stagnant.

My web design agency pulled in some money…

But I just couldn’t keep up with the low fees I charged:

$500 to $2000.


A friend offered advice that would change my life.

And it wasn’t just advice.

It was a command.

He demanded it.

And it’ the only price-related advice I ever took at the time.

Here’s what he said:

“Charge $7000 for your services,” he barked.


From $2K to $7K?!

I bargained, settling on $5000.

He begrudgingly accepted.


I decided to go for it.

Just a week later, I found myself on a sales call.

As I was closing in to saying the new price…

My heart raced, threatening to burst from my chest.

And when the moment came to discuss price…

I channeled my inner infomercial.

And I asked,

“Where do you want to go from here?”

He said, ”How much does is cost?”

I nearly did something crazy…

My heart screamed “SEVEN THOUSAND.”

But my mouth said, “$5000.”

And just like that…

I closed my first $5000 deal.

I still can’t believe I pulled it off.

But that’s when it hit me:

Something magical was happening…


How did I go from charging chump change to $5000?

My friend, that sly devil, used reverse psychology on me.

He said a higher price go get me to say $5000

And with that, I realized…

Money isn’t real.

What truly matters is that clients believe in YOU, that YOU are the one to help them.

But before I tell you how to do this…

I have Two crucial lessons for you.

One: You must take action.

No action, no results.

Take action—You’ll achieved amazing results.

Now, about that second lesson…

How do I go from one-time projects to actually getting paid on a monthly basis?

That challenge was even crazier.

So, what did I do?

I hired a business coach.

He showed me how to hit 5-figures.

His advice still haunts me (in a good way).

The crazy thing he told me was…

“Add a 0 at the end of your prices. Split the payment into 6 to 12 months.”


$5,000 became $50,000.


What’s the key to charging higher prices?

Many entrepreneurs they never truly taste how much of a successful entrepreneur they can become.

The reason?

They lack the key that unlocks everything.

Let me tell you what this key is.

In the real world:

  • How do you raise your prices?
  • How do you overcome the challenge of not knowing how?

Long story short?

There are UNLIMITED ways to:

Raise your prices.

And to succeed in this world.

Take any successful entrepreneur to a new country with no money and no connections.

And you’ll see the win.


That’s because…

They have unlimited SELF-BELIEF.

You see…

Charging higher prices is more about making someone feel you’re the right person than anything else.

And self-confidence is the key to unlocking this.

So where am I leading you with this?

Here’s what I want you to do.

Pay attention:

  1. Add a zero at the end of you prices.
  2. Divide that by 6
  3. Now you have a monthly fee for 6 months


If you can’t quite bring yourself to add that extra zero, try this:

Tell yourself, “Charge $7000.”

Then, charge $5000.

Do it.

And I promise that…

You’ll see mind-blowing results in:

  • Your business
  • Your life
  • Your very soul

Take action…

So do it now.

Stay winning,
– Jose

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