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Mastering the Foundations of Copywriting: A Guide to Emotional Connection and Pro-Level Techniques

The most shocking fact about the social media algorithm is that nobody knows how it works.

The growth coaches will tell you that “they know.”


Do they actually know?

They don’t.

That’s why you see them changing their opinions every other day.

So if nobody knows how the algorithm works…

What can you do then?

Here’s my recommendation.


  • What people want.
  • What people hate.
  • What people love.
  • What people fear.

In other words…

Focus on the one algorithm that never changes.

Human Nature.

But how do you tap into this?

Enter Copywriting and Its Foundational Principles

Copywriting is where:

Creativity meets data.

Like building a skyscraper, crafting killer copy starts with having a solid foundation.

And today, I want to talk about its foundations.

So hear me out:

The First Principle: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.

“That’s so OBVIOUS,” you might say.

True, but here’s the twist:

I’m not talking about knowing names and faces.

I’m talking about excavating deep, understanding their lives, problems, and joys.

Unearth the gold.

I like dividing audiences into 3 categories.

  1. Beginners
  2. Advanced
  3. Pros

I call this the 3 Levels of Proficiency.

Let me tell you exactly what each level needs.

Beginners need motivation, information, and easiness.

Advanced need accountability and community.

The pros need speed and delegation.

This is how it looks like in practice.

When I was a beginner on Twitter (now called X), I constantly sought motivational content that inspired me to keep tweeting. I also bought a lot of courses and ebooks to learn how to tweet.

When I got better at writing for Twitter, I stopped reading and following motivational accounts. Instead, I hired a bunch of coaches and joined tons of communities.

Finally, I got to where I’m right now, and I pay for speed and delegation.

And knowing this, I can write content for each level of proficiency.

Content Examples for Beginners:

  • “The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Monetization”
  • “How to Set Up Your Twitter Profile for Getting Sales”
  • “10 Easy Steps to Start Monetizing Your Socials”

Content Examples for Advanced:

  • The 30-Day Income Boost Challenge: Grow Your Social Media Profits
  • Your Ultimate Checklist for a Successful Social Media Sales Funnel

Content Examples for Pros:

  • Maximize Your Profits: The Top 5 Automation Tools for Social Media Monetization
  • Build Your Dream Team: A Workshop for Hiring the Best People to Manage Your Socials


Let’s go to the next principle.

The Second Principle: POWER WORDS.

“Erm…what now, Jose?”


Words that resonate. Words that evoke. Words that grip.

Each market has its own power words.

Power words ain’t about showing off your vocab.

It’s all about having your audience pay attention.

Here’s why power words are essential:

  1. Attention-Grabbing: Power words draw the reader in, making them more likely to read and engage with the content.
  2. Emotionally Resonant: They trigger emotions, strengthening the audience’s connection.
  3. Enhanced Persuasion: Power words enhance the persuasive power of the content by evoking emotions and resonating with readers.
  4. Brand Connection: They can help convey the essence or value of a product, service, or idea, thereby strengthening brand identity.

Personally, I don’t call the following power words:

Unlock, Free, Ultimate, Guaranteed, Exclusive.

The reason is simple:

They are overused.


I prefer using Industry-Specific Power Words.

Different markets and industries may have their own set of power words that resonate strongly with their particular audience.

For instance:

  • In Fitness: Transform, energize, vitalize, etc.
  • In Technology: Innovate, streamline, optimize, etc.
  • In the Law (Legal) Industry: Integrity, trust, justice.

They make much more sense when you see them in context.

But imagine using the word Free in the Legal industry.

Eg: “Free Legal Counseling.”

Sounds like you’re going to jail, right?

So it’s best if you use industry-specific power words.

Here’s a ChatGPT prompt for you:

>>> See the prompt

Third Principle: The Emotional Connection.

Here’s the secret spice:

Emotions SELL.

Heartstrings are the strongest currency in the advertising world.

It’s simple math:

Writing Content + Emotional Connection = $$$.

Those who win at the game of copywriting master this art seamlessly.

Here’s why the Emotional Connection is vital:

  1. Builds Trust and Loyalty: A brand can build deeper trust and loyalty by speaking to the readers’ hearts.
  2. Enhances Engagement: Emotional content tends to be more engaging and shareable.
  3. Increases Conversion Rates: Connecting with emotions often leads to higher conversion rates, as it can persuade people to take action.
  4. Strengthens Brand Identity: It helps create a consistent emotional brand image that people relate to and remember.

Ways to Create an Emotional Connection:

  1. Understanding the Audience’s Emotions: Know what your audience feels, fears, desires, and values.
  2. Storytelling: Share stories that resonate with the reader’s emotions.
  3. Using Emotive Language: Choose words that evoke specific emotions.
  4. Visual Elements: Using images or videos that complement the emotional tone of the content.

Examples of Emotional Connection in Copywriting:

  1. Appealing to Aspiration:
    • Example: “Dream of turning your social media passion into a full-time income? We can guide you to monetize your content and live the life you’ve always imagined.”
  2. Creating a Sense of Urgency:
    • Example: “Limited spots available in our Social Media Monetization Masterclass. Act now and take the first step toward financial freedom.”
  3. Empathy and Understanding:
    • Example: “Struggling to make your first dollar on social media? We’ve been there, and we’ve designed a toolkit specifically for content creators like you.”
  4. Inspiring Trust with Social Proof:
    • Example: “Join our community of 591 successful social media influencers who turned their passion into profit with our proven strategies.”
  5. Evoking Nostalgia:
    • Example: “Remember when you first started your social media journey? Relive those exciting early days with a strategy that revitalizes your growth and income.”
  6. Exciting Curiosity:
    • Example: “Unlock the secrets of social media success that influencers don’t want you to know. Discover our blueprint for turning followers into profits.”
  7. Fostering Community:
    • Example: “Become part of a community of like-minded creators, all on a journey to turn their social media channels into thriving businesses. We support each other here.”

Connecting on these levels can foster deeper relationships with your audience, leading to higher engagement, trust, and conversion.

That said…

I want to show you a few copywriting formulas I use nearly daily.

The Pro Copywriting Formulas

Formulas are great for learning copywriting.

The more formula you know, the better you’ll get.


No formula will help you more than understanding human nature.

So before you even start memorizing formulas…

Lay your foundations.

Learn to capture emotions.

And then…

And only then…

Use the Pro-Level Techniques of Copywriting.

1) The AIDA Model.

I’m talking about Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

This formula guides you step by step, ensuring that your message hits all the critical points for your reader.


  • Attention: “Struggling to turn your social media following into revenue?”
  • Interest: “Discover our exclusive community that helps influencers like you convert likes into profits.”
  • Desire: “Imagine transforming your everyday posts into cash. That’s what our users experience daily.”
  • Action: “Join our platform today and start monetizing your social media presence like a pro.”

2) PAS. Problem, Agitate, Solution.

First, identify the problem your target audience is facing. Next, agitate or intensify that problem, making it clear how pressing it is. Finally, present your solution as the answer to their problems.


  • Problem: “Is your online sales funnel leaking potential customers?”
  • Agitate: “It’s frustrating to see potential profits slip through the cracks, isn’t it? Those abandoned carts, lost leads, they all add up.”
  • Solution: “Our Sales Funnel Optimization Tool is the plug for those leaks. With our analytics and targeted strategies, you can capture more leads and convert more sales.”

3) Storytelling Arc.

Those bedtime stories did teach you something, didn’t they?

Every compelling story follows a similar arc.

Your product or service becomes the hero of that story.

  1. Set the stage
  2. Introduce the characters (aka your brilliant product/service)
  3. Inject a bit of delightful tension
  4. And then gloriously resolve it.


  • Set the Stage: “In the bustling world of social media, where engagement is king, many content creators still struggle to monetize their efforts.”
  • Introduce the Characters: “Introducing HyperGrowth, a community designed for creators like you, turning your creativity into cash.”
  • Inject a Delightful Tension: “But how do you monetize without losing your authentic voice and alienating followers?”
  • Gloriously Resolve It: “With your HyperGrowth subscription, you’ll discover how to maintain your unique voice while seamlessly integrating monetization strategies that resonate with your audience. Start earning without compromising your values and creativity.”

By intertwining these Pro-techniques with the foundations and layering it all with the emotional sprinkles, presto! You’re the Artist and the Scientist of the copywriting world.

Final thoughts

Copywriting is Conversational. It’s Compassionate. It’s Crafty.

And above all:

It’s a cocktail of creative writing and analytics.

And remember.

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