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How I create a week’s worth of content in a few hours

I can cook up content for an entire week in just a few hours.

Here’s how:

1. Delegate research to AI

Say I want to write about a few persuasion tactics for my next posts.

I ask ChatGPT for a list, pick ones I’ve personally tried, and then draw from my experiences to craft the content.

Recently, I whipped up 24 reel scripts this way—scripts I can read aloud, turn into short tweets, or turn into an email series.

And it only took me 2 hours.

Efficiency maxxing.

2. Stream of consciousness

Most of my content is born on Twitter.

Brevity ain’t easy.

But writing tweets is a great way to distill your ideas to their most fundamental parts.

My hack to write them in bulk?

I jot down ideas about ONE topic.

As many as I can…

Then, about another topic.

And gain…

And so on.

No editing is allowed.


I tell ChatGPT to refine my first drafts.

Then I layer my personal touch on top.

And for those saying, “Using AI is cheating…”

Well, I agree.

It’s the ultimate cheat.

Think about it:

Would you rather hire some random person to do spellchecking, test them for a few weeks, go back and forth a gazillion times, and pay them $500…

Or spend $20 monthly for ChatGPT to do it quicker and cheaper?

Now, this is where I get the “you’re relying too much on AI” talk.

Critics fear AI will dumb down content.

But I believe it’s about leveraging tools in a smart way.

You see…

AI enhances what’s already there.

I’m good at my craft already.

AI just elevates it.


It’s your experiences and stories that make content resonate.

And you’ll have the final say in what gets published, whether done by AI, an assistant, or a ghostwriter.

Here’s the prompt I use to fix my stuff:

>>> Click here to get the prompt

3. Block out time

Block out a day to draft content for the week or even the month.

You could draft a few hundred tweets in ONE session if you wanted to.

Most people won’t do it.

But for those who do, they can save hours in content creation.

4. Schedule it

I schedule 3-5 tweets daily and 3 Instagram carousels per week.

Then, I spontaneously post when inspiration hits.

Doing this ensures I never skip a day of posting.

It also eliminates the stress of missing a day.

Some folks might disagree with scheduling.

But they’re often those who’re already making money on social platforms.

So, if you aren’t there yet, scheduling your posts is the way to go.

This approach gives me more free time.

Time better spent on sales calls or improving my landing pages’ conversion rate.

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Tu amigo,

– Jose

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