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If you're a professional, service provider or coach who's Looking to get more clients online, then my digital launch course can help you do exactly that.

3 days after applying the system.

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A faster way to transition from a 9-5 job to the Digital World using the power of your Skills and AI​.

So what I do is help you dial in your strategy without:

Over the past months, I’ve helped many professionals finally establish their online solo business in a fast and virtually risk-less way.


More results:

To make this work, you don’t need to be tech-savvy or have a massive budget.

And I’ll tell you more.

You can achieve your goal in only a few simple steps.

And it doesn't matter if…

And no... you won't have to:

It’s just a simple and unique system that allows you to:

And here's the Best Part:

In the last few years, I’ve shared my approach with my 1-on-1 clients, who pay me up to $20,000 for my 1:1 coaching.

And I have to say that it has worked amazingly for them.

I’m talking about people of different ages and backgrounds.

Don't take my word for it... see for yourself.

Tom Noske, went from struggling to monetize, to monetizing fast.

Flavio Bastos, an SEO consultant, who went from $1.5K months to $40K months.

Ethan Buck who’s closing $5K+ in business every month.


Digital Launch Course

The Digital Launch Course is the missing link to finally:

  • Transition smoothly from your traditional career into the digital space.
  • Grow your coaching, consulting, or digital product business in record time.
  • Build an engaged online audience that loves your content and expertise.

It’s the same program I’ve used in my private, one-on-one coaching program to help my students get astounding results quickly.

What you will NOT have to do:

The usual steps experts suggest to get started with your online solo business are:

1. Pick a niche
2. Research the niche
3. Create content
4. Generate leads
5. Sell


No. We’ll skip all of that.

Let me show you:

How Does Digital Launch Course Work?

You’ll follow the SCOR System.

S: Sell

This method involves initiating the sales phase immediately.

You will not have to wait weeks or months to start selling.

You’ll discover a straightline way to get started without getting overwhelmed.

You don’t need to spend money on software or expensive gadgets to make this work. Additionally, you won’t need ads or paid social media shoutouts.

C: Create

I’m about to lay out the ultimate strategy for conquering the internet and becoming an authority figure.


No matter the niche…

No matter your offer…

You are going to be posting content that sells.

And I’ll show you how.

O: Offer

Have you heard of the Talent Stack concept?

If not, let me show you:

“The idea of a talent stack is that you can combine ordinary skills until you have enough of the right kind to be extraordinary.” – Scott Adams.

In other words:

Get good at different skills and add them together to be awesome at what you do.

The Offer Stack works similarly.

You stack different products and services to create a portfolio of offers that work in harmony to make you money.

You’ll discover step-by-step instructions on how to make this happen.

R: Research

Let’s dig deeper into your audience.

And let’s figure what they truly want from you.

This is what happens when you buy this course on presale today

[1] You get access to the SCORE system video course (mid-May).

[2] Templates and scripts to get started (mid-May).

[3] Instant access to 3 amazing bonuses (Instant Access)

[4] Five ChatGPT mega prompts (Instant Access)

Bonus 1: Sell In The DMs video course

  • Discover how to sell your coaching, consulting, and programs in the DMs
  • Get familiar with the “Handraiser” technique to incentivize followers to DM you
  • Find out how to craft use the “Golden Direct Message Script” for closing sales in the DMs
  • Access the Persuasive Document template to pitch your offers in a personalized way
  • Get inspired by real-life example of me closing a deal through direct messages.

Bonus 2: Daily Writer video course + guide

  • How to write every day even when you’d rather be doing anything else
  • Simple tricks to make your writing goals a reality
  • Top strategies for achieving laser-like focus
  • How to get in the zone and write every day like it’s your job
  • A sneaky trick to make yourself write even when you’d rather be doing anything else
  • 9 easy tips to make writing a habit you’ll love

Bonus 3: Copywriting For Solopreneurs video course

  • How to apply copywriting to almost any niche and situation.
  • Find out what micro framing is and how it can improve your content.
  • Uncover the hidden gems in your life experiences to craft a unique content
  • Learn the straightforward method of attracting a specific audience
  • Discover the importance of strategic positioning in marketing

Bonus 4: Five ChatGPT Mega Prompts

  • Fast Offer Generator Prompt: Generates irresistible offers in seconds
  • Content Generator Prompt: Generate tweets, emails, and any type of content that imitates your writing style.
  • Market Research Generator Prompt: Generate pain points and desires of your target audience.
  • Product Name Generator: Generate names for your product and rank them by quality.
  • Landing Page Copy Generator: Generate copy for your services/coaching landing pages.

So who am I, you ask?

I’m Jose Ricardo Rosado.

The founder and CEO of Rosado Capital, a marketing firm based in the Dominican Republic—a place most people can’t place on the map.

I’ve also helped hundreds of people grow their solo online businesses, turning many of them into a multi-six-figure income generators and helping many of them make their first $10K months.

Listen to what our student Joey Doughty, a productivity coach, said about good ol’ me:

Or like Joseph Oliver who got a massive paycheck upgrade:

Choose your package

There’s no need for you to start from scratch or go through this journey alone.

Essentials Package

  • Access to the SCOR Method video training
  • Access to the Templates and Scripts
  • Bonus 1: Sell In The DMs 
  • Bonus 2: Daily Writer
  • Bonus 3: Copywriting For Solopreneurs
  • Bonus 4: Five ChatGPT Mega Prompts

Here are what some of my clients say about me.


I’ve created this course with super-busy people in mind. The training sessions are short but effective. You won’t need to spend hours going through them. The course is 1.5 hours long.


This course is intended for any person who:

  • Is a professional looking to transition into digital
  • Wants to start coaching and consulting online.
  • Is striving to grow their online audience.
  • Is dedicated and committed to following the plan provided.

No. You’ve probably been following me or reading my emails for a while now. You know what I’m all about. If you want it, buy it. If not, don’t buy.

Yes, but I’ll increase the price to $198 soon.

This means that you’ve got just a few days to purchase it for $98.

Access to the SCOR Method video training 

Access to the Templates and Scripts

Bonus 1: Sell In The DMs (instant access)

Bonus 2: Daily Writer (instant access)

Bonus 3: Copywriting For Solopreneurs (instant access)

Bonus 4: Five ChatGPT Mega Prompts

Choose your package

There’s no need for you to start from scratch or go through this journey alone.

Essentials Package

  • Access to the SCOR Method video training
  • Access to the Templates and Scripts 
  • Bonus 1: Sell In The DMs
  • Bonus 2: Daily Writer
  • Bonus 3: Copywriting For Solopreneurs
  • Bonus 4: Five ChatGPT Mega Prompts