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Geoarbitrage: Earn in dollars. Spend in pesos.

This will ruffle some feathers.

But here goes nothing.

I’m a big fan of American politics.

“Build that wall!”

“Love is love!”

The duality is impressive.


But there’s one phrase that has always stuck with me.

“Immigrants will steal our jobs.”

And you know what?

They were right.

Because the truth is:

Globalization changed the game.


Businesses in Latin America would pay premium prices to hire Americans and Europeans for their expertise.


If you didn’t know…

The American economy is massive, especially the online economy.

It’s measured in trillions of dollars.

And everyone wants a piece of it.

Furthermore, American entrepreneurs are all globalists.

No, this is not a conspiracy theory.

It economics.

These businesses want to MAKE money.

And they want to SAVE money.

So, if you are a skillful, intelligent man or woman, you can get paid in USD from anywhere outside the US.

I’m proof of it.

I make a six-figure yearly income in American dollars.

The crazy thing is that my top American clients pay me $2K–$10K/mo to manage their business—which is up there regarding pricing.

And, no…

I’m not talking about tricks.

Or illegal stuff.

Or hiding money.

I pay taxes in my home country like everyone else.

I just get paid in USD and spend it in pesos.

Or like my friends say, “Earn in dollars 💵 Spend in tacos 🌮”

Geoarbitrage is a real thing.

This trend is so significant that even Americans and Europeans are relocating outside of their homeland to benefit from it.


I wasn’t always paid in USD.

Until I had an epiphany years ago.

Anyone can do what I do, even if English is your 2nd or 3rd language.

Recently, I was chatting with Joshua, a client. My team and I have helped him make nearly half a million buckaroos in sales.

“So, Jose,” he said, “how’s Hypergrowth doing?”

(Hypergrowth is my paid community, by the way).

“Huh,” I stuttered.

I rattled off reasons for slow growth and messy pricing.

I told him that many people in my audience aren’t from the U.S.

That’s when Joshua told me about Bushra, an old client of his.

She sells her programs big time outside the U.S.


I remembered all those notes I got from Latinos and people from developing countries.

So it hit me…

My messaging for Hypergrowth, especially pricing?

It’s off target.

Why not fit Hypergrowth to their wallet size and real-life situation?

So I thought…

Maybe I’ve been overcharging…

Maybe I should chat about how folks from Latin America & developing countries can get U.S. clients.

Will they steal some U.S. jobs?


But this is not some boogeyman.

This has already happened and will keep happening faster than ever.

  • India is getting online
  • Latin America is speeding up its internet infrastructure
  • Other developing countries are getting all in the “make money in USD and spend in local currency” train

I mean, take a look at who is running all the major American tech companies.

And yeah, I know some of my American fans might find this truth a bit distasteful.

But the thing is, in my head…

I’m helping American entrepreneurs make more money.

In fact, I showed this email to my client Joshua, and he insisted that I mention that he pays my team more than any of his other team members—including all the Americans.

Crazy, huh?


If you’re finding this truth a bit… um… harsh… I have a question for you:

Wouldn’t you want to hear from the guy who is teaching others how to get gigs in USD?

I think that’s a win-win.

So, here’s a wild idea:

Hypergrowth, my private community, will now be $25 a month.

Because I want to help people from places where cash is tight so they can boost their online mojo, sharpen their skills, and grow on social media.

If that’s what you want, click the link so you can start right now:

>>> Join my HyperGrowth community

Tu amigo,


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