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Easy Hack To Get 200% More Engagement

This formula helped me get 200% more Retweets in the first 5 hours of posting a Twitter thread.

You see…

My Twitters threads were failing to get retweets.

It’s not only my threads.

Many of my Twitter friends have reached out privately telling they’re also experiencing the same thing.


I’m not someone who cries over a lack of engagement.

Because I’m an action-taker.

So today I’ll reveal a simple formula I’ve created by tweaking the classic 4Ps copywriting formula that got me 200%–500% more Retweets that my previous 10 threads.

Strap yourself in and prepare for an adventure.

First, let’s break down the basic 4Ps formula:

  • Promise
  • Picture
  • Proof
  • Push

It’s nice and all…

But in the modern world it’s about as effective as gaining weight eating raw vegetables.

So to really capture people’s attention, you need to add some extra elements to it.

That’s why…

I’ve whipped up a better formula that takes the 4Ps and turns it into the copywriting equivalent of a super-powered battle robot.

Here are the components of this majestic beast:

  • Hook
  • Promise
  • Commitment
  • Method (summary)
  • Proof
  • Method (step-by-step)
  • Covert Pitch
  • CTA

Look complicated.

But it’s quite the opposite.

Let’s dive into each element.


This is how you grab attention.

Don’t be afraid to be bold.

Or you’ll be as forgettable as the taste of unsalted rice cakes.


Tell your readers what sweet benefits they’ll get from reading your stuff.

It’s like promising them a delicious, juicy steak instead of just telling them it’s dinner time.


Now, this isn’t mandatory, but it’s a nice touch.

And it works due to the Commitment principle of persuasion that states that people want to be seen as consistent.

So if they publicly commit to something, they’re more likely to follow through.

Method Summary

Give them a sneak peek of what’s to come…

Like a movie trailer that doesn’t give away the entire plot.

Then reassure them that they can do it by providing proof that your method works.


Social proof is like a magic wand of persuasion.

Add it to your content to make it as powerful as a wizard in a world full of muggles.

Method (Step-by-step)

Lay out the how-to.

Prove your value by giving them the nitty-gritty details.

Covert Pitch

Many people hate feeling like a slimy salesman.

So slip in a passive “covert pitch” to make it feel less like you’re selling.

CTA (Call To Action)

Get people to join your newsletter or to follow you.

Get them to take action.

I hope you enjoyed this wild journey through the twisted realm of copywriting.

Until next time.

Stay winning,

– Jose

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