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$5 Direct Message Strategy – Paid Ebooks as a Lead Magnet

One of my students turned $5 into $5,000m with this simple lead generation tactic.


It’s two steps.

Step 1: He sold a $5 ebook on weight loss, offering both tactics and accelerated results.

Step 2: He messaged each buyer. Relentlessly. He pitched his coaching to them.

The result: One buyer, seeing Matteo’s commitment and expertise, paid $5,000 to work with him.

No sales calls.

Just getting paid directly in the DMs.

But why?

Let me tell you 3 psychological insights that made this happen and how you can apply them right now.

Insight 1: The Power of Upfront Value with an e-book

Matteo’s e-book wasn’t just content.

It was a demonstration of his capability and dedication.

Application: Whatever you sell or offer, make it a teaser of your best self. It’s a gateway to bigger transactions.

Insight 2: Human Connection is the best lead generation tactic

Matteo’s proactive messaging showed he cared.

The direct approach made it personal, building trust.

Application: Your online business isn’t about algorithms. It’s about human connection. Engage directly.

Insight 3: People Buy ‘You’

Your prospects aren’t just purchasing a service or product.

They are investing in you.

So when someone rejects your offer, they’re actually rejecting you.

I used to think it was the other way around—that they rejected the offer.


I know for a fact that they’re rejecting me.

And I take that personally.

But not in a bad way.

Rejection is feedback.

And I use it to make my stuff better.

Application: When you hear “no”, don’t shy away. It’s feedback. Refine your process. Make your service irresistible.

Now that you know why this strategy works, it’s time to put them to work.

Don’t know where to start?

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I’ll see you out there.

– Jose

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