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Fix your relationship with sales. Or stay broke.

Here’s the deal.

You either fix your relationship with sales or stay broke.

I mean, why wouldn’t you promote your products and services if you truly believed in their value?

You believe in them, right?

“I don’t want to make people uncomfortable…. so I don’t like feeling too salesy. So I don’t pitch my offers that often.”

If you know that your products will SOLVE your prospect’s problems, you need to use all the tactics in the playbook to persuade them into buying.

The thing is that you’re worried about how people’s perception of you might change. You don’t want to feel that you’re overly salesy and you want people to buy under their own accord. So you struggle to jump aboard the Money Mindset.

I totally understand this.

I too used to struggle with this notion.

That is until I understood that some people needed the extra push to buy my stuff. After I realized this, I stopped caring about the perception shift that selling too hard might cause in other people.

And you know what?

The world’s a better place for me being a hardcore salesman, because I know my ebooks and other products are valuable. Not because I created them, but because people have told me that my ideas have helped them overcome their struggles, destroy their fears and motivate them into action. I need no more proof that what I’m doing is good for the world.

See, the market is the one who decides who and what deserves attention. And, by mastering the art of sales, you make it easier on yourself to weaponize the untapped attention that’s waiting for you.

You can even use sales techniques to get that salary raise you’ve been needing for months. The reality is that selling is not only for marketers and product people. People with regular jobs can also benefit from the powers of salesmanship.

So here’s my proposal for you:

  • Get good at sales.
  • Promote your services and products prolifically.
  • Make some sales.
  • Fix your mindset.
  • And fix your damn relationship with sales.

Because you’re either selling or going more broke over time.

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