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How I Got 8,777 New Email Subscribers Without Paid Ads using Twitter / 𝕏

I got 8,777 New Email Subscribers using a ridiculously simple tactic anyone can use (even if you have 100 followers).

Want to know exactly how I pulled it off? Read on. I’ll reveal the whole secret sauce.

The tactic? AutoDM.

Auto-DMs are the best way to generate leads from Twitter.

“A what, Jose?”

And AutoDM is when you Tweet saying you’ll DM people a gift when they retweet your tweet.

It’s that simple.

Plus, I’ve recorded a video tutorial showing you the entire process step-by-step.

To grab the exact strategy >>> Click here to download it

But keep reading after you download it. Because theres’ so much to say.

Let me give you the gist once again:

Tweet something saying you’ll DM people a gift when they retweet your tweet.

That’s it. That’s the game-changer.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, sometimes the simplest things make the BIGGEST difference.

So allow me to break down the strategy…

The goal is straightforward: get people to retweet and join your list.

But first…you need to have the foundation laid out.

Here they are:

The AutoDM works when you have:

  • An irresistible free offer
  • A curiosity tweet
  • Software (optional but highly recommended)

Let’s talk about each:

1. An irresistible free offer

Think of something valuable and relevant to your audience.

It could be a:

  • free e-book
  • discount code
  • access to an group

My recommendation is that you use an e-book as your lead magnet, as they are very simple to set up.

Now, you need to craft the perfect tweet.

This is where framing comes into play.

Let me show you:

2/ Curiosity tweet

Make it sound exclusive and curiosity-driven.

Something that makes people think, “I NEED to know what this is!”

For example

“Discover a secret method to destroy procrastination. Retweet this, and I’ll DM you my free productivity guide”

But that’s not all:

Remember what I mentioned earlier about framing?

Set up the tweet to reach as many people as possible.

Here’s what I mean:

If you’re trying to appeal to a broader audience, you might say:

“Want to learn my secret to gaining 8073 email subscribers without spending a dime on ads? Retweet this and I’ll DM you the details.”


If you want to target a specific group, you could say:

“Attention SaaS founders: Discover how I grew my email list by 8073 subscribers without ads. Retweet this and I’ll DM you my secret tactic. ”

See the difference?

Now, all you have left is this:

3/ Automation Software — Hypefury

So now you’ve got people to retweet the tweet.

Now what?

Well, you could certainly send the DMs manually.

But why should you?

Instead, delegate the grunt work to HypeFury.


When someone retweets your tweet…

HypeFury will automatically DM the promised gift.

And that’s it.


And one thing:

I can guarantee that if done right…

You’ll see a surge of new email subscribers without any paid ads.

Even if you don’t have a massive following.

Here are 2 ways I can help you:

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