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How To Get 500 Email Subscribers In <2 Hours

Here’s how to get 500 email subscribers in 2 hours.

100% practical.

It works even if you have:
• Zero tech experience
• A new email list
• Easy peasy

Follow along.

And you WILL get the 500 subscribers.


Building up your email list sounds intimidating.

But it’s easy.

As the wise Arthur Ashe once said,

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Trust me, you’ve got this!

So here we go:

But before I tell you…

You’ve gotta promise you’ll follow thru.

• Commit to it.
• Because it’s doable.
• It’s easier than you think.

And it’ll only take you 2 hour of your time.


Now follow the 3-step method:

• Write a short guide.
• Just show how to implement ONE easy tactic.

• Create a landing page to collect emails.

• Set up an easy Twitter automation that send DMs to people who interact with your tweets.

Sound complicated?
It’s not.

Here’s proof of how the method works:

Pat (@pbasilstrength), a Twitter creator, grew his newsletter by 635 new subs in the last 30 days.

He did so…

With less than 2 hours of work.

And he got a handful of sales also (talk about a bonus!)

Here’s how Pat won with this method

He wrote an Example Training Week for strength training coaches.

It only took him 30 minutes to cook it up.


He went to his ConvertKit account (the email marketing software he uses).

And created a landing page using their free templates.

He also set it up in such a way that…

People who joined his list, got the freebie.


If you don’t know how to set it up…

ConvertKit has a bunch of binge-worthy videos.

They’ll show you email marketing for free.

Now, let me make this easier for you:

Use this template to write the copy for your landing page.

Once you write it…

Do what Pat did.

He logged into HypeFury.

(HypeFury is a tweet scheduler)

And used a feature called:

“Auto DM”

And this it what it doe is it makes your twitter account DM anyone who engages with your tweets.

All automatically.


1/ What do you say in this tweet?
2/ How you do actually set it up?

Let me show you.

Here’s a template of what to say in the tweet.

Now, learn to set up the AutoDM tweet.

Watch the 30-second video below to learn. Then keep reading!

The reality is that…

This whole process could take you as little 60 minutes.

Or a tad bit more if it’s the first time you set it up.

But that’s not all…

The real trick it to making it work is to:

Write 4-6 variations of the AutoDM tweet.

And schedule 2 per week.

One on Monday.

Another on Thursday.

And because of how the tweet is composed…

Not only will you get people to Retweet the tweet.

But you’ll also:

• Gain followers
• Gain email subs

So now…

You’ve got yourself a funnel that gets you subscribers and followers.

And that’s how…

2 hours of works can get you massive results.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry.

Here are 2 scenarios for you:

1/ Directly follow my instructions and set up the funnel yourself


2/ Hire my marketing firm to help you set up and optimize it for you.


But there’s more! 2 tips for you:

1/ If you’re unsure about what freebie to create…

Ask your followers what they need.

They’ll tell you.


2/ Commit to following the step-by-step I just handed to you.

You’ve got this.
Just commit.
You’ll do great.

And hey…

If you want more resources on creating a successful sales funnel…

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Talk to you soon.

– Jose

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