Let's Set up a Funnel for you

Want 1:1 time with Jose Rosado?

I'll personally show you how to set up an organic Marketing ecosystem

"I'm looking for 1:1 coaching"

This is a paid service

"I just want some clarity"

This is a paid service

Let us do all the work for you.

Let My team set up a funnel for you

We'll create your lead magnet, landing pages, automated email marketing campaign, and content.

"How much do you cost, Jose?"

Every client and project is different.

But here are some arrangements I’ve had:

  • $10K/mo retainer + 20% on sales
  • 50% of every program sold
  • $30K for a 6-month retainer
  • $598 consult call
  • $5000 coaching package
  • $9800 project fee
  • $6000 project fee
  • $2500/mo retainer
  • $20,000 coaching package

It all depends on your needs.