Chapter 9

Approved Resources: streamline your content creation and sales

Here are the amazing tools and resources that can save you dozens of hours per week, land more sales, and help you make thousands of dollars every month.
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These amazing tools have saved me dozens of hours per week, land more sales, and help you make thousands of dollars every month.

I've tried each of them and found that I got way more than what I paid for.

Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase.

I personally use, have used, and approve of all of them.


Hypefury saves me dozens of hours every month.

I use this app to schedule my daily tweets.

So instead of typing them down in the Twitter app, I hop into Hypefury, write tweets for 15 minutes, schedule them, and then proceed to do other stuff.

→ Join Hypefury for free


If you want to save time designing stuff for your social media account, take a look at Canva. They'll provide you with tons of free templates.

→ Try Canva for free


English is my second language.

Grammarly has helped me reduce my spelling mistakes.

I mean, I write daily emails and daily tweets. So I'm constantly posting content.

Grammarly helps you compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing.

Grammarly helps you eliminate errors and find the perfect words to express yourself.

Its free version is awesome. It's paid version is superb.

→ Try Grammarly for free


I built my website with WordPress. It's an easy-to-use content management system to keep your website updated.

→ Take a look at WordPress


Siteground is the web hosting service I use.

They offer fast customer service, fast servers, fast page loading speed, and fast everything.

→ Try out Siteground

Tej Dosa’s course “How to Invent 6 Figure Marketing Promotions”

Tej Dosa’s course on “How to Invent 6 Figure Marketing Promotions” is extremely valuable and at the same time seriously underpriced.

Besides all the raving testimonials on Twitter, it got my attention because it’s a system composed of 3 parts where you only need to fill in the blank spaces (he even shows you how to create a product if you don’t have any.)

So, if you want to create killer marketing promotions, make more profits, and break the “Sick + Broke + Dumb” life pattern get this course.

My conversion rate went from 2% to 5% after applying his tactics for the first time. Now it's well above these numbers.

→ Get How To Invent 6 Figure Promotions

About Jose Rosado

About Jose Rosado

Hey there! I'm Jose Rosado, and I teach people how to make an extra income using the Internet. Good education empowers you. Imagine being able to automize part of your business, growing your business, and making those dreams you have a reality.

Affiliate Disclaimer: If you click on one of the links to tools, resources and products mentioned in the article and purchase via my link, it’s likely I’ll receive some sort of affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.