Chapter 5

Networking: How to network on Twitter in a meaningful way

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Now that you’re tweeting more often, it’s about time we found you some Tweeps (Twitter friends) and built yourself a tribe.

To hasten the process, you can create DM groups where you RT each others’ content, give feedback on tweets and content.

Your tribe should be small and should be composed of people you genuinely trust (and like).

Do NOT underestimate the utility of this step. For real. You have NO idea how important networking can be, especially in the sea of users on Twitter.

Finding a tribe is essentially finding your preferred network and getting involved. You are furthering yourself and others by doing this.

It’s incredibly important.

Let’s go!

DM Groups are the sh!t

Let’s start with the basics.

Twitter lets you create group chats with your Twitter friends. Find a group of Tweeps and create a DM group. Your DM group will be your inner circle of people you trust.

Let’s say that you already have a couple of hundred followers.

Imagine that you’ve connected with some of them, so they’re now your Tweeps. Like you, they’re trying to grow their Twitter account.

How can you help yourself to further each other's reach?

You need to create a DM group with them.

People inside your DM group will RT your stuff, you’ll help each other out throughout your Twitter career, and, if done correctly, you might even end up becoming real-life friends.

Can you see how this might be useful?

How to network like a pro?

Watch this video to learn how!


See you in the next chapter?

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