Chapter 2

Mindset: 5 mental hacks to conquer Twitter

If you’re serious about this Twitter and you want to make it FAST, you need to nuke these mental barriers BEFORE they start getting you down.
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I get it…

Starting something new is hard.

But it doesn't have to be.

So let me address these most common mental barriers I've noticed people have when they decide to get serious about Twitter.

Mental Barrier 1. “I don't know what to tweet about”

If you want to gain traction on Twitter, the simple truth is you NEED to create content.

You don't have to write “100% original” content.

Think about this for a while: everything has already been said and done. Most best-sellers are just a regurgitation of other best-sellers and classics.

Therefore, write about what you already know in your own “sloppy” way – the sloppiness will fade away with practice, because the more you write, the better you’ll get at writing.

Tweet about what resonates with the people you follow and the people who follow you. People love to RT what resonates with them.

Start by providing people valuable content.

You do so by understanding the 3 Pillars of providing value on Twitter:

  • Educate – Provide a solution to a problem (paid or free).
  • Entertain – Make people laugh, think, and wonder.
  • Elevate – Make people feel good about themselves

You could also open up about your struggles. This is especially powerful when you offer a solution because people seek results. On the other hand, there’s little value in complaining about things – people don’t like whiners.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to figure out what to talk about faster:

  • What was your mindset then?
  • What did you struggle with?
  • What were your concerns?
  • What do you wish you had done differently?
  • What would you do differently?
  • What problem of yours were you trying to solve?
  • How did you solve it?
  • What results were you hoping to get?
  • What were your biggest aha moments?
  • What did you learn?

Then, just write down the things you think about.

Can you see how his works?

Mental Barrier 2. “But My Life Is Boring”

Who said that you have to talk about your life?

If you feel your life is boring, do something more interesting with your time.

Learn a new skill.

Create a personal website and start posting your ideas.

Life is short and your time is precious, don’t waste it!

Chances are if you’re looking to generate money online, you’re not the kind of person who spends the whole day watching Netflix anyway, so even if you think your life is boring, that doesn’t mean every single person out there will think that of you.

Talk about what you already know in your own way.

As I said before, the more you write, the better you’ll get at writing. Tweet motivational tweets, ideas, questions. Anything you want.

Tweet about the success of other people and Twitter personalities.

Anywho, if you're like me, you spend most of your time in front of a computer screen, which can be perceived as boring to many. So, what to do then?


Teach everything you know.

Talk about your ideas, methods, strategies, and “secrets.”

You don’t need fancy ideas to teach.

You don’t need to be the world’s expert to teach.

You don’t even need to show your face to teach.

Just teach.

In my Online Mastery coaching program, I teach my student precisely how to do this. From deciding the niche they want to target, conducting market research, and, finally, creating winning products (coaching and info-products) that people would actually pay for.

That's the beauty of teaching what you know online.

Mental Barrier 3: “But It's Hard To Tweet Tons Of Times A Day”

You don’t need to tweet a ton of times a day.

Start with 10 tweets a day. You'll be able to write these in 20-30 minutes.

Recently I started scheduling 5 tweets per day. And post another 5 through the day.

That said, here’s my process for writing tweets.

Steal it from me.

Sit down in front of your computer, and write down as many tweets as you can in 20 minutes and give it a rest.

Then schedule them on Hypefury.

Hypefury is the scheduling app I use. I’ve saved hundreds of hours thanks to it.

I mean, imagine posting 10-20 tweets manually every day. I’d would have to take my phone out, open the Twitter app, write the tweet, fix the typos, re-read the tweet until it feels right, then post.

That’s a time-consuming workflow.

With Hypefury, I schedule the tweets, and I forget about it.

→ Take a look at Hypefury. Just click this link and open a free trial account (affiliate link)

Make it your goal to build the habit of daily content creation in small steps. I started posting 10 tweets a day. There were times where I posted 20-25 tweets per day.

And, if I felt like it, I tweeted more.

Today, I schedule around 5 tweets for each day and post whatever thought I get throughout the day.

By the way, I’m able to invest more time on Twitter than the average user because Twitter is a 6-figure business for me. I suggest you focus on your money making activities while you grow your account at a steady pace. So, posting 10 tweets per day seems to be a sweet spot. If this still feels too much for you, post 5.

From there, you can build up the bulk of your tweets, and get a kind of schedule going, for example:

9am: “good morning” tweet – something motivational
10am: advice
11am: motivational tweet
1pm: pitch your offer
2pm: motivational tweet
3pm: advice
4pm: motivational tweet
5pm: motivational tweet
6pm: motivational tweet
7pm: short personal story/experience
8pm: quote some relevant person
9pm: pitch your offer

Ok, you got me. Those are 12 tweets. But two are promoting your offers and one is a quote.

It is literally that simple. Once you’ve nailed the schedule/routine, you can add more tweets to it!

Mental Barrier 4: “But I Don’t Know What To Talk About In DMs”

We’ll talk more about DMs later on, but essentially, they’re an amazing way to engage with users online, and they can also be INCREDIBLY helpful when it comes to making money online.

Use DMs to reach out to your followers and people you follow.

Never waste an opportunity to say, “Hi! Thanks for following me!”

If you’re struggling with how to connect with another user whose content you enjoy, ask open-ended questions to further your relationships.

Build a good relationship with your tweeps. This will pay dividends in the future.

Mental Barrier 5: “How Can I Make Money On Twitter? I Don’t Know Where To Start.”

Sell your skills.

In short, write down what you do. Put a price tag on it. Tweet about it.

Change the price until people start buying from you.

Later on, I’ll teach you how to pitch your offers. So, for the moment, understand that to make money with Twitter you’ll need something you can sell to your audience.

See, a lot of people avoid selling something on Twitter because they fear what people will think about them.

I've been there. But not anymore. Put your ego aside, and sell. Post your offers out every day. Start with 1-2 times a day. Slide into the DMs and follow up.

If you want to make ANY money at all, you cannot have a fear of selling.

One way or another, you’re going to need to put yourself out there, so get over the fear as fast as you can if you’re wanting to make some cash.

Reach out to others. Pitch them your offer. Sell your time. Sell your craft.


Anyway, now let's tackle some of the mistakes most people make when they start tweeting. See you in the next chapter.

About Jose Rosado

About Jose Rosado

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