Chapter 3

Pitfalls: 7 deadly Twitter mistakes that are costing you money

If you’re serious about using your Twitter to grow your brand and make money, then pay attention to these common mistakes.
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I’ll be covering the most deadly mistakes you’re making with your Twitter account that are costing you money.

But most importantly, I’ll show you how to fix them.

Don’t be one of those clueless accounts that are doing all the wrong things and still expect to get results.

That said, here comes Deadly Mistake #1.

Deadly Mistake #1: No theme

Your account has no theme.

You’re bouncing all over the place from topic to topic.

You’re not showing your expertise in any meaningful way.

Choose a general theme that you’ll speak on! Display your knowledge and expertise in it.

Now, it’s fine to talk about a variety of different subjects but there should be up to three areas that you speak about consistently and with authority.

For example, I usually post things about: discipline, making money online, and freelancing.

Great ways to add value if you’re sharing information is in tweet threads, live streams, and by linking to other content on the subject you’ve created like articles or videos.

If you feel like you’re not really an expert in any domain, document the things you’re already learning. Then post your results. People love to see greatness unfold in front of their eyes.

So, yes… you can share valuable information without claiming to be an expert.

Deadly Mistake #2: Inconsistency

Inconsistency will hurt your Twitter account growth.

It’s the daily gain of followers that adds up overtime to get you to the thousands and more.

If you’re not showing up every day you won’t succeed quickly.

There are accounts on Twitter that are growing rapidly and yours can too if you’re consistent with your activity.

Momentum is important if you want your account to blow up so make sure not to take breaks from tweeting daily.

There are even tools available that let you schedule tweets in advance.
I use Hypefury.

These tools are commonly known as Tweet Schedulers.

Take a look at some of them to see which one you like the most.

Deadly Mistake #3: You have a bad bio

Your bio is a vital opportunity to attract interest to someone who comes across your profile.

It’s also an important mechanism to filter the right audiences.

Your bio should make several things clear:

– Who you are?
– What you do?
– Who you help?

Think of your bio as a brief introduction that lets people know what to expect from you and your page.

You can add links to your personal website and offers on your bio.

Note: if you don't have a website, you can always learn how to create your personal website with this resource I created for you.

Deadly Mistake #4: You’re not using DMs enough

DMs are very underrated for relationship building and networking.

Every interaction you have with people on Twitter doesn’t have to be a comment or tweet.

You can speak directly with people in DMs and have actual conversations instead of just tweeting back and forth.

Just remember to have proper etiquette when DMing people and not waste anyone’s time.

You can have casual conversations in DMs but make sure there’s a point or a reason before you enter someone’s inbox.

Don’t just send a generic “Hi” or “Hey”.

Also, avoid gossiping. Everything you DM can be screenshotted. You don’t want to see those on your Twitter timeline, do you?

So, reach out to people only if you have something relevant to say or appropriate to ask.

Deadly Mistake #5: You’re harassing your followers with too many offers

One of the keys to dominating on Twitter is giving free game.

When you put out so much high-quality free content you’ve earned people’s attention.

Then you can sell to them.

At the very least, the majority of your posts and content should not be sales offers.

You should post product and service offers regularly on Twitter but they should be spaced out between other tweets that are value-adding.

No one wants to follow someone that’s constantly trying to sell them something.

Be tactful with your sales offers and make sure most of your content is authentic or value-adding.

Deadly Mistake #6: You retweet too much

Most of your content should be yours, not retweets.

Twitter is a unique platform because of the retweet function. It’s easily the fastest way to share information on social media and it allows content to get lots of engagement and go viral rapidly.

It’s good to retweet good content that falls in line with your brand but doesn’t retweet things too much. And, if you do, make sure to unretweet the tweet later in the day.

See, when people click on your profile they usually scan your tweets briefly to see if they want to follow you.

When your timeline is full of retweets instead of original content it makes people doubt if you have anything good to say or why they should follow you.

If all your content is from other people then what is the incentive to follow you specifically?

Deadly Mistake #7: You take Twitter too seriously

Have fun.

Post memes.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

See, people follow real people, not copy/paste zombies.

For example, if one of your tweets has a typo, don’t delete it. Leave it there.

On Twitter, people not only follow you to feel good, but also to learn more about you.

So, by taking Twitter too seriously, all you’re doing is making it harder on yourself to succeed on the platform. Which will result in burning you out and getting people to unfollow you because your content will start to suffer a drop in quality.

About Jose Rosado

About Jose Rosado

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