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Avoid the $0 Flop: The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Offer With a Waitlist

Pulling in $10,000+ each month selling stuff on social is possible.

The process is simple.

The secret is to build hype.

And the blueprint I’m about to spill?

It’s perfect for launching courses, services, communities, and even coaching offers.

Check out these real-deal results I got using this very system:

  • Launched my cohort and bagged a whopping $134K in sales in just two weeks.
  • Helped my client Joshua launch his coaching gig — he made a cool $250K in sales in two weeks.
  • My client Gina? She got 300 new subscribers in her community in just a week.

Now, let’s dive in.

Imagine spending months creating an offer only to flop… here’s how to avoid the $0 flop.

Imagine pouring your heart and soul into creating an offer for months, only to hear crickets.


But don’t sweat it.

Here’s how to dodge that bullet:

1/ Create a waitlist
2/ Promote the waitlist
3/ Follow up with waitlist subscribers
4/ Launch the offer
5/ Close the cart

Waitlist? What the hell is a waitlist?

Think of a waitlist as a digital “line.”

It’s where folks sign up to get notified when your next big thing becomes available.

And guess what?

You can set one up using your newsletter.

“But I don’t have, Jose?”

No problem.

Because today I’ll also show you how to create your Newsletter with Gumroad.

Why Bother with a Waitlist?

I have launched it’s a lot of things.

I’ve had my share of hits and misses.

And trust me. a waitlist can be a game-changer.

Here are 3 reasons why I believe this is the case:

Reason #1: Demand Gauge

You get a sneak peek into how many are really into your thing.

If tons of people sign up, you know you’ve got a hit on your hands.

Reason #2: Exclusivity and Hype

Having a waitlist makes your offer feel exclusive, like a VIP club.

Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

People often want what’s limited or hard to get.

Reason #3: Builds Anticipation

It’s like counting down the days to your birthday.

People get more and more excited as launch day approaches.

The magic behind the waitlist

This system taps into three basic human instincts:

  • Scarcity: We all want what’s hard to get.
  • Appel To Status: Exclusive content makes people feel like VIPs.
  • Repetition: Consistently opening and closing the cart keeps things fresh and intriguing.

Ready to roll?

Let’s build that waitlist.

Step 1: Create a Waitlist

Get people hyped by inviting them to learn more about your offer.

At this stage, you’re not selling — you’re just gathering interested peeps.

What you’ll be doing is opening access to the waitlist.

And here’s exactly how to start with this part of the system.

The first step is to write the copy.

Ensure it highlights all the features and benefits of your offer.

Also make sure to download my Waitlist Templates here.

Next, you will create your waitlist’s landing page.

I love Gumroad because it’s free.

But you can do it with any other app.

Here’s how to create the landing page using Gumroad.

Step 2: Promote savagely.

The way to grow a waitlist is by promoting it—savagely.

Talking about that waitlist every day.

Talk about the perks, tackle doubts and objections, and show off the freebies they’ll get when they join.

Note: Giving freebies to the waitlist subscribers is optional.

Step 3: Follow up with waitlist subscribers

Use emails to touch base with your waitlisters.

Give them value.

Answer the potential objections they might have a buying.

Open up the opportunity to ask you questions.

You can do this with an automated email sequence.

Grab my email templates here to make things a breeze.

Watch the video below to learn how to create an automated email sequence with Gumroad.

Step 4: Launch the offer

Here’s the thing:

Folks on your waitlist are waiting to be sold at.

Go all out.

They’re expecting it.

So blast their inboxes with emails.

Step 5: Close the Cart

Now listen…

This whole system works best when you keep things brief.

Rinse and repeat every month or two for the best results.

Stay winning.

What’s next?

I hope you enjoy today’s post.

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