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How to come up with Big Ideas That Sell

I’ve never created a piece of content that didn’t have a big idea behind it.


And I’ll tell you why.

A quick story:

The Big Idea That Made Me $130,000+

It was a simple idea:

A course about creating websites without coding.

Revolutionary at the time—a total novelty.

I launched it 5 years ago when no-code wasn’t even a thing.

Turned it into one of my best-selling courses.

Straightline Web Design, I called it.

And guess what?

A single big idea…
Packaged into a promise…
Turned into a course…

…made me over $130,000 in sales.


That’s the power of big ideas.

They become your hooks. Your leads. Your titles and subtitles.

Big ideas grab attention and make your content irresistible.

And I don’t just use them in courses only…

I use big ideas EVERYWHERE.

Instagram posts. Tweets. Newsletters. Landing pages. Ebooks. Offers.

You name it.

Big ideas are the secret sauce—the key to engagement and sales.

But here’s the thing…

Big ideas don’t just magically appear out of thin air.

There’s a process.

Want to know what it is?

I call it:

The Big Idea Extraction Process

It all starts with your life:

  • Your stories
  • Your experiences
  • The things you’ve done
  • The insights you’ve gained.
  • The emotions you’ve felt

Frustration. Shame. Realization. Excitement.

Those are the raw materials—the building blocks of big ideas.

You extract them.
Then refine them.
And you polish them…

…until they shine.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Jot down your personal stories and experiences. Don’t hold back. Let it flow.

Example: I learned basic coding skills, but I didn’t want to become a programmer. That’s when I found a tool that let me build websites without any coding. This discovery was a game-changer for my career.

Step 2: Identify the core emotion, realization, or trend behind each story. What makes it compelling?

Example: My realization was that you could create professional websites without being a programmer. This made web design accessible to many more people, including me. The feeling was excitement and empowerment.

Step 3: Think about how to make the idea more relatable and interesting to your audience. What do they care about?

Example: Many people want to create websites for their business or as a side hustle but feel intimidated by coding. They care about finding an easier way to build professional sites so showcase their expertise. Framing it as “create websites without coding” made it highly relatable.

Step 4: Implement the big idea across your content. Hooks, leads, titles, social media posts. Make it omnipresent.


  • Course title: “Straightline Web Design: Create Websites Without Coding”
  • Subtitle: “Learn this high-income skill to quit your 9-5 job.”
  • Social media post: “I made $500K building websites without writing code. Here’s how you can do it too…”
  • Newsletter headline: “The no-code tool that let me quit my job and become a web designer”

As you saw, the big idea of “build websites without coding” became the central theme of all the examples I gave you. And if you learn how to create engaging content with it, you’ll start gaining followers and getting sales.

That’s the Big Idea Extraction Process in a nutshell.

Do this consistently? And you’ll become an idea machine.

It’ll take practice.

But it’s worth it.

Because here’s the truth…

Big ideas are the difference between content that falls flat and content that flies…

Between crickets and engagement…

Between bouncing and buying…

So tell me…

Do you agree?

– Jose

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