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How to create content that gets you clients

Not long ago, a client told me:

“Jose, I’ve been posting for months, but I’m not seeing any results. It’s been months since I’ve had any new sales.”

I could feel his desperation across the screen.

And it’s the reason he joined my coaching program.

So, I looked at his social media profiles and couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Bro, you’ve got a goldmine,” I told him.

His socials have almost everything on point:

  • The niche
  • The engagement
  • The quality of the content

It was all there.

So, why wasn’t he getting sales?

I couldn’t let it go.

And I got obsessed with making sure I understood.


Until it hit me…

There was one element missing:

The Holy Grail Content

There was no Holy Grail Content.

Without the Holy Grail Content, a well-managed account won’t help you convert followers into clients and buyers.

That experience with my client confirmed something I already knew…

The Holy Grail Content is what makes or breaks your social media efforts.

So, let’s dive into this quickly so you can start getting clients sooner.

What is Holy Grail Content?

Holy Grail Content is the ultimate piece of content you can produce.

It’s content that matches your audience’s needs and connects it to your offer.

This type of content typically has high value, highly shareable in your niche, and is evergreen (meaning it remains relevant over a long period).

Its purpose is to turn followers into clients.

Holy Grail Content isn’t a method or tactic.

It’s a WAY of thinking about content.

Without it? Well, the person reading/watching your content has no idea what you do.

And more importantly? Nobody would probably even think of buying anything from you.

The Holy Grail is SIMPLE.


I have a 3-element checklist for you to check whether your content is actually the kind of content that leads to sales.

You’ll get it by the end of this.

But first?

How to create Holy Grail Content:

Step 1: Know your audience.
Step 2: Know your offer.
Step 3: Address your audience’s pains and desires in your content (make sure it’s all connected to what you sell).
Step 4: Add the Holy Grail sauce.

Yep. That’s it.

But, here are two things that’ll help you to create Holy Grail Content faster.

ONE: Don’t be boring.

This means, don’t just teach how to do something.

Tell stories, move off-topic sometimes, occasionally change your writing’s tones, and feel free to express your real opinions about what’s happening in your niche.

TWO: Hook Swipe Files.

The more hooks you have, the easier it’ll be for you to create content that gets attention.

Writing hooks is one of the core tenets of amazing content because the hook is the key to getting people’s attention.


What makes your content the Holy Grail for your audience?

The 4 Parts of Great Content

Every great content has 4 parts.

These four parts are what everyone else focuses on, so while it’s valuable to know them, it’s not enough for creating Holy Grail Content.

The 4 parts are:

Hook – it’s what engages the audience’s interest at the start. For example, the headline of a post, the first line of a tweet, or the words you say at the beginning of a video.

Lead – it’s the introductory section that builds curiosity. It’s where you highlight the problem or sell the dream.

Body – here’s where you teach whatever you were going to teach.

CTA – where you tell people to act, click, or lead them to their next step.

As I said, these elements are technically the usual parts of great content.

But, just adding these elements to your content will NEVER help your content stand out.

That’s the truth.

And that’s why the Holy Grail Content follows a different path.

A path that doesn’t require templates, formulas, or hacks…

A path that reaches your audience’s inner desires—the kind of thing they’ve never told anybody but have thought about.

Apply what I’ll show you today, and you can walk away from your laptop to enjoy the new sales you’ll be getting.

If it doesn’t?

Ask yourself:

Did I actually follow Jose’s suggestions?

Most certainly, you didn’t.

So refer back to this lesson.


The reason that Holy Grail Content works is that it is not a formula or template.

Holy Grail Content is human nature weaponized.

That means that your content should tap into people’s desires, dreams, and anxieties by using the 3 elements I’m about to tell you.

But, enough with hyping up the Holy Grail Content.

Let me tell you exactly what the 3 elements of Holy Grail Content are.

They are:

  1. Relevance — does my content match my audience’s needs and connect them to my offer?
  2. Severity — does my content tackle a painful problem or burning desire?
  3. Urgency — does my content address a problem that requires urgent attention?

Relevance: your content must be both related to your offers and what your audience actually needs—It matches your audience’s needs and connects them to your offer.

See, many people create content that’s interesting but has zero relevance to their offers—which is fine when you want to gain followers but not so much when you want sales.

For a second, imagine if I started writing about fitness. Would that help me sell my upcoming course, Reels To Clients?

Severity: the pain of not solving the problem has to be unbearable—if it’s not, the content will not convert followers into clients.

Remember the conversation I had with my coaching client? He had been struggling to get clients for months. That, my friend, is a severe problem because all that effort was leading to $0 in sales, and it’s the reason why many give up on content creation—they struggle to make money, so they quit.

Urgency: they need to solve the problem NOW, not later.

My student needed a faster way to sort out his lack of sales.

To be totally transparent with you, I charged my student $5000 to help him with his content strategy.

He gasped when he heard the price. But, he had the urgency to fix his problem. And it paid off massively. He got four $4000 clients in the first two months of working with me. Basically, he 4X’ed his investment.


Content that’s relevant and tackles a severe problem that requires urgent attention will help you get clients.

Therefore, start creating Holy Grail Content often.

That said, it could take some time to create a great Holy Grail Content when starting out.

But as you do it more and more, it becomes easier and faster.

That’s why I’d love for you to join Reels To Clients’ waitlist. Because I’ll be adding a whole section devoted to creating Holy Grail Content, you can start getting clients faster.

I’ll be closing the waitlist this week.

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Tu amigo,
– Jose

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