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How To Fix Plagiarism and Unfair Use Of You Content

Wanna know what irks the living mangos out of me?

It’s when intelligent people—yes, I’m referring to those intellectuals you admire—pull a dumb stunt that leaves the rest of us shaking our heads in disbelief.

I mean, come on.

You can see it all over the internet.

And in today’s edition of “Look Who Did A Dumb Thing,” we’ve got…

Some random person who issued a copyright strike against Mr. Beast for a 2-second animation his team used one of his most recent videos.

As a result, the video was taken down for a few hours.

“Which video, Jose?”

This one (which is already online, by the way).

“Why did it get the Copyright claim, Jose?”

For this all-mighty animation:


A tiny sun animation that only took up 1% of the screen real estate was the reason for the copyright strike!

I’ve seen it happen many times: Brilliant people doing very dumb things.

I mean, read my reply to the situation:

The internet is brutal.

You know that one day some random Twitter schizophrenic will expose the person behind Mr. Beast’s copyright strike.

And all hell will break loose.

Now, imagine an alternative universe where the person had contacted Mr. Beast’s team requesting credit or pay for the little clip.

And then just tweeted:

“Mr. Beast used my animation in his latest video! What a great day!”

But we do not live in this universe.

So let me tell you how I deal with this kind of thing online.

(Because I’ve been plagiarized by many influencers—including some of your favorites influencers)

Team Mango (us) is smarter than this. So here’s what to actually do when people use your content without crediting you.

When someone uses your content, don’t whine about it online.

Instead, reach out to them.

Be gentle and provide a solution, like giving credit where it’s due.

Case in point:

A big influencer with over 1 million followers literally copy-pasted a whole page of one of my e-books into one of his courses.

How did I figure this out?

I bought that course.

I went through it.

And I noticed something familiar.

“Oh fook… that’s mine,” I thought.

Did I get mad?


But instead of going to war with the influencer, I contacted him.

And I kindly told him to give me credit or to delete that part from the course.

He agreed to give me credit.

And that was the end of it.

No harm done.

No enemies were created.

And a teachable lesson for both of us.

When someone uses your content, don’t whine about it online.

Instead, reach out to them.

Be gentle and provide a solution, like giving credit where it’s due.

Why do very smart people do very dumb shit?

It’s mostly ego and entitlement.

I would know.

I have also done very dumb things in my life.

In my marriage.

In my business.

In many areas of my life.

And when I look back at these mistakes, I always gravitate toward ego and entitlement.

“But I worked so hard for it.”

“I deserve credit.”

“They owe me.”

So whenever I catch myself feeling that my ego is taking hold of me, I stop and breathe.

Because it does more harm to me than to the perpetrator.

So how do you actually reach out to people who steal your stuff?


Instead of throwing a protocol tantrum, contact the perpetrator when your work is being passed around.

And kindly show them the similarities and how it affects you.

This is precisely what I did when a very well-known copywriter on Instagram posted a nearly identical tweet of mine on her timeline.

And just like I always do…

I reached out to explain what I thought.

The result?

She told me that it was an oversight on her part.

That she will tell her team to avoid doing this again.

Then tagged me in the post.

Why waste your time whining about content theft online when you could create goodwill and avoid creating enemies?

Think about it.

You’ve got nothing to gain from a petty feud.

Don’t see it as a kick in the gut when someone rips off your work.

View it as an opportunity.

Reach out, bridge the gap, and gain an ally.

You’ll be surprised at the positive impact it could make on your journey.

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