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How to sell like crazy to a bored audience

How I made $48,000…

  • Without reinventing the wheel…
  • Without sales calls…
  • With only written words…

I’ve done multiple times for myself and my clients.


I heard the peculiar story of Thomas “Black Jack” Ketchum.

The year is 1882.

We’re at the peak of the Wild West era.

Outlaws, shootouts, and public hangings.

All the shebang.

Black Jack was an outlaw and he terrorized the West with his gang. 

He wasn’t your typical bandit, though.

Black Jack and his brother Sam were part of a gang responsible for a number of train robberies.

But after decades of crime, Black Jack got caught and sentenced to hanging in a small town in New Mexico.

And the way it happened…

I’ll tell you in a second.

Because when I heard it?

I knew we could learn from this—even when it’s kind of dark…

Black Jack was the only person in New Mexico sentenced to die for trying to rob a train.

And the small town tasked with the execution?

They had little experience with hanging.

So the townsmen tested the gallows multiple times with a 200 lb sack of flour.

But they made a BIG mistake:

They didn’t change the rope.

Which led to…



The infamous botched execution of April 26, 1901.

As soon as the executioner hit the trigger…

Black Jack fell down…

…and was decapitated.

All in front of the horrified townspeople.

Why did it happen?

The rope was too tight from testing, losing all the elasticity it needed to do its job properly.

The Tight Rope Strategy in Online Marketing

In online marketing, something similar happens.

Many times, we try killing it by launching a new offer.

Only to botch the launch and make $0—bruising our ego and killing the offer.

This is what I call the “Tight Rope” Strategy.


Tight Rope = Overused strategy


Wouldn’t you agree that a Tight Rope strategy kills sales?

If not, how about this:

  • There’s more competition
  • Sales are down due to the economy
  • Customers are savvier and more selective

And everyone is using the same old tactics & strategies—the tight ropes.

They aren’t evolving.

And it’s becoming the WILD WEST out there.

So to stand out in this wild west of online marketing, you need 2 key elements:

Element #1: Better storyselling (not storytelling)

A while ago, I got a new copywriting client.

They sell health coaching.


They help people manage their diabetes.

They’re making $5M+ a year in sales.


Their sales were going down.


They had been using a tight trope strategy:
Weekly webinars to sell their coaching.

And recently the webbys stopped working.

So they hired me to sell their programs on their newsletter.

If you’ve read anything from me in the past few months, you’d know I’ve sold stuff for 10 bucks up to $25,000 over emails.

So I knew getting them sales was going to be a piece of cake.

And it was.

We launched our first offer.

A $400 low-ticket program.

And we sold 30 spots with 3 emails.

The secret behind our success?

Storytelling + selling = Storyselling.

And it works like gangbusters.

You see, their previous emails were about facts and figures and boring data.

  • “Join our webinar.”
  • “Learn how to lower your A1C by 3-4 points.”
  • “Discover the secret to managing your blood glucose.”


So we changed the approach.

We told stories that sell.

Real. Raw. Emotional.

Stories about:

  • The company’s founder.
  • People struggling with diabetes.
  • The science driving their coaching.
  • A 65-year-old grandma was scared she wouldn’t see her grandkids grow up because of her uncontrolled blood sugar.
  • A 20-something-year-old PhD student dealing with Type 1 diabetes who felt the medical system lied to him about diabetes.

These stories resonated with our audience.

They saw themselves in the Grandma and the 20-yo.

And most importantly?

Our readers saw how the program could help them take control of their diabetes and transform their lives.

But that’s not all.

That’s where element 2 comes in.

Element #2: “New Rope” Strategy

“Ok… Jose, you used storyselling people to buy a $400 program? NOW WHAT?”

When you’ve been using the same strategy for a long time, it can be hard to know what to do next. You feel stuck and can’t think of anything new.

It’s like breaking up with a girlfriend you don’t like anymore.

You can’t get yourself to do it because you still care about her.

Change is hard.

But you know what’s harder?

Being broke. Not getting sales. And waiting for everything to blow up in your face.


We paused the free webinar and did this:

$400 Offer → Premium Offer → Ongoing support (More $$$$)

Let me explain:

After our clients finish the $400 training, we offer them a more advanced coaching program.

The offer’s price?


You see, getting a new client is hard and expensive.

But selling to an existing clientbase who already knows, likes, and trusts you?

That’s the easiest sale you’ll ever make.

And because our clients have already experienced the massive value of the $400 program, they’re primed and ready to invest in their health at a higher level.

Typically, converting 10-20% of these new buyers into this high-ticket coaching is doable. Sometimes even more.

That means…

For every 30 people who buy our $400 program…

6 of them will upgrade to the premium program.

That’s $36,000 in sales for the premium program and $12,000 for the low-ticket.

Tallying up to:


And that’s the power of a “New Rope” strategy.


But the most surprising part?

We avoided getting decapitated like Black Jack Ketchum.

All by using a “new rope” strategy that my client’s audience hadn’t seen before.

Without boring them…
Without selling out…
Without reinventing the wheel…

Why am I telling you this?

Once ditch the tight rope strategies for a “new rope”…

You can sell ANYTHING to your audience.

Just remember the two elements:

  • Storyselling
  • Creator Funnel

…and you’re good.

– Jose

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