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3 game-changing insights about life and online business

I gotta tell you about these 3 insights that flipped everything around for me.

Back in 2019, my X/Twitter feed was filled with people flashing their earnings:

“$5K today.”
“Hit $100K this month.”
“Closed my biggest deal today.”

Honestly, it made my blood boil.

Most of them were making more money than me, which made me envious.

Feeling envy was new to me.

It’s like you’re happy for that person, but you’re also like…

“I’m smarter and more disciplined than these people. How can they make massive amounts of money online, and I can’t?”

Before 2019, I had never been the kind of person who obsessively wished for what others had.

I remember eyeing my friend Aldo’s PS2 when we were kids, but I never lost sleep over it.

But this?

This was different.

2019 was my rookie year in the online biz.

I had just left my steady job and was diving headfirst into the unknown.

My wife was expecting our second child, and every income screenshot I saw felt like a slap, a wake-up call, a reminder of the debts weighing on my shoulders.

Each random income screenshot was like a voice whispering,

“You’re a failure.”

To add salt to the wound, I had tons of challenges to overcome:

  • The third-world mentality that prevented me from charging more for my work.
  • The little Island mindset that messed up my desire to expand outside of my country.
  • The lack of resources and support. I was broke and had massive debts looming over me.

So I asked myself:

“How can I achieve this kind of result?”

Envy can destroy you, my friend.

But here’s the thing about it:

While it can crush you, it can also light a fire under you.

For me, it did the latter.

So instead of suffering…

I decided to win.

No. Matter. What.

This newfound resolution helped me discover three insights about life/business:

Insight #1: It turns out that the online game is… math

And it’s the key to never having to work a 9-5 job ever again.

The trick is to get 300 people to click your links daily, turn 5% of them into buyers, and boom!

You’re on your way to freedom.

The formula is simple:

300 x 5% = Freedom.

Here’s what this means.

With a daily traffic of 300 visitors and a conversion rate of 5%, you’ll get 15 sales per day.

So, imagine you charge $25 for a product.

15 sales x $25 x 30 = $11,250/ month.

I had a clear target.

Best thing?

Most people could make a nice living with half of that.

And since online business is math, you can safely assume you’d only need 150 clicks a day to make a full-time income online.

Insight #2: Envy is rocket fuel

It’s raw.


It pushes you to move.

Or at least it did that for me.

And thankfully, I moved away from it.

But if you’re anything like me…

You’ve got the drive—an itch to scratch.

And while envy might not be what’s driving you right now…

We are in a good place, you and I.

Because I can now tell you that you’ve got the most challenging part covered.

You see…

Most would rather stay in their comfort zone.

Same routine.

Same job.

Same life.

But you have chosen to take the road less traveled and break free from the norm.

Doing so has opened up a world of possibilities and potential that you may not have otherwise discovered.

And the way to exploit those opportunities is a simple skill I learned.

A skill that was the biggest game-changer for me.

Which skill?, you ask.


Not just any kind of writing, though.

Let me tell you.

Insight #3: Persuasive writing is a radically simple skill that will open every online door—FAST!

Writing with persuasion is like unlocking someone’s mind, understanding their dreams and fears, and helping bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

With that skill, my challenges turned into stepping stones.

Because it helped me develop a compelling story around them.

  • My third-world mentality became a story of how I now charge premium prices.
  • My little Island mindset transformed into the tale of how I went global and got clients from all over the world.
  • The lack of resources and support became my magnum opus—the one story that has gotten me the most followers, sales, and goodwill.

I owe my current lifestyle to persuasive writing.

And it’s the skill I’m most proud of building.

Today, it serves as the foundation of my marketing firm.

And shyt…

It even helps in getting my kids to tidy up their room!

So let me teach you everything I know about it.

That’s why you might want to get a copy of my Crash Course in Copywriting.

It’s a guide where I show you how to:

  • Create content that sells, persuades, and isn’t a pain to write
  • Go from overthinking what to write to knowing precisely what and how to say it
  • Stop suffering in front of a blinking cursor, searching for the right words to convince people to buy your products.

So really…

Check out my Crash Course in Copywriting.

You’ll start writing stuff that sells and speaks to the heart of your audience without banging your head against the wall.

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Your friend,
– Jose

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