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Introducing Sovereign University, the community focused on showing you how to turn your online followers into high-paying clients.

How a broke family man built a multi-six-figure business writing tweets from a Spanish-speaking third country using Google Translate to get the English right.

This Was Me In 2014… Trying To Make It Online.

“One last try,” I said to myself in October 2018. It was the last time I would try to make money online. One month later, I had made $4K+ selling my skills on Twitter. 

Fast-forward to 2019. I turned my social media accounts into 6-figure biz. 

And then I started making all kinds of mistakes…

So I got into the never-ending spiral of reading blog posts and buying courses…only to end up paralyzed and disappointed at my lack of progress.

I had no other option but to find a solution to the challenge I was faces.

And I did…

In 2020, i was able to retire my wife and scale my business to multi-six-figures while still using google translate (fewer times) to get my english right.

Me and my wife Brenda

I've seen many people come and go. 

They find some success on social media only to lose it because they burned out or gave up.

I soon realized that they were lacking 3 things:

• Killer Offers

• Sales Skills

• Systems

Once I did, I began taking in some one-on-one coaching student who were able use social media to escape their 9-5 job, sells theirs skills, build an engaged audience, generate consistent income, and find the freedom of working under their terms.

Does this sound familiar?

If any of this made you nod along, you're in for a treat.

Sovereign University

An online community to jump over the trial and error, escape the grind and hustle, and save you from feeling lost in the online wilderness.

It's A Membership Platform About Sales And Monetizing Social Media

And it’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of planning, building, running, and growing a successful business with social media.

Plus a community of awesome people who will support you.

High-Profit, High-Paying Online Business That Makes you feel like a rock Star.

Ethan “Holistic Meathead” Buck went from closing $500/month in sales to $5000/month in only one month.

“How,” do you ask? 

He now has a system running 24/7 that generates leads, persuades his potential clients, and helps him close more deals without spending money on ads.

He leveraged his social media following to increase his income!

Results? He's now living the rock star life.

You don't need a massive audience to monetize your talents on Social Media

Take Joseph Oliver as an example. He signed 3 clients in Jan. 2021 when he only had 1000 followers.

Seems like Joseph was so happy he forgot it was his third client in Jan. 2021. Hehe!

The facts are…

All of that is cool if you like getting cheap dopamine highs…

So what's can you do then to generate an income with Twitter?


so If You've Been Wondering How To...

What If I Told You There Was A Simpler System To Grow A Business using Social Media?

What I'm about to show how can help you build a social media business that generates a constant influx of cash flow in less time without burning out, or tweeting hundreds of times, or learning complicated software, or trying out risky business models.

And The Best Thing?

You'll be able to use the Sovereign system even if…

All without…

I mean, how did freelancers, coaches, and professional service providers have their best year in 2020 even as we were going through a global disaster?

I worked with Jose for 12 weeks to create the foundation for my online business. Taking his advice has made me probably over $12,000.
Alex Feinberg
I was able to 2x my income and, during the re-launch of one of my courses, I made as many sales as the launch week with his tactics. Jose has the ability to distill complicated processes into their essentials.
Dennis Mangan
P. D. Mangan
No one has changed my life more in the past year than Jose Rosado.

He is behind the scenes growing multiple people's businesses and masterminding their rise.

My own business doubled this year because of him.
Alex Cortes
Within 3 months time - I have made $10,000 from client work and course sales in addition to my current income.

Not to mention, I had my first $1,000 DAY during a promotion. Jose does not hold any information back. He will give you the truth and only truth regarding online business.
Dan Koe

What You Instantly Get

#1) Access to the Sovereign University Platform

#2) Access To Our Courses, Lessons, And Interviews

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You’ll get access to lessons, checklist, cheatsheets, and courses ranging from creating your own website, writing your first ebook, launching your email list and selling your products to your following.

For you to truly understand, learn and apply what it takes to become an internet hero – we’ve spoken to the best of the best, to see what they’re doing to make it big online.

This space offers exclusive, never-seen-before interviews with some of the biggest names in the online money-making market.

#3) Access To A Thriving Community

Who is this NOT for?

Who is this for?

What if next month, you made $5k from your ideas?

Sovereign University shows you how to create the systems that will help you attain your freedom, get more sales, and live a more comfortable life.

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