What’s Lead Generation with X and Instagram?

Imagine waking up every morning to a flood of notifications from people who want to work with you.

That’s what happens when you use X and Instagram. It means you’re using these platforms well to get, talk to, and win customers.

Lead generation involves more than telling people to download a free guide or to follow you for more content.

See, many creators and entrepreneurs fail to see the strength of organic lead generation strategies. A lot think they must use ads to make sales. But, the truth is, sustainable lead generation is about more than throwing money a problem. It’s about making real connections and giving value to your target audience on social media platforms like X and Instagram.

My Top 5 Lessons on Lead Generation with X and Instagram

1. Know who you’re talking to: I used to try to appeal to everyone. Why? I was afraid of missing out. But, targeting a specific group of people is crucial for lead generation. So, be clear about who you want to reach because no one really listens when you talk to everyone. Prospect qualification is real.

2. Give before asking: Just trying to sell, sell, sell is a losing strategy. You need to share helpful content first. You need to share helpful content first. Tell your audience about the tactics and strategies they need to know to succeed in their fields. Show your smarts and a genuine desire to help. My Twitter Lead Generation Guide is a great way learn the art of giving.

3. Engage with your followers: Don’t just look at numbers like your number of followers. What’s really important is talking to people for real. I believe in seeing your followers as real folks – because they are. Talk to them a lot. Then, you can start making connections that lead to sales, not the other way.

4. Build funnels carefully: Getting leads is just the beginning. After you them, guide them gently through a well-thought-out funnel. Think of a funnel as a journey—a series of steps people take to go from finding you for the first time to making a purchase. Self promote. Make the journey clear. And use it to nurture your leads, make them aware of what you offer, build trust, and give them reasons to act. E.g. Use the $5 DM Message Strategy and a Lead Magnet.

5. Leverage email marketing: I’m a firm believer in building an email list. And it’s still the best way to keep in touch with leads. Why? It’s an asset that you own and control. Email marketing involves creating free products to capture people’s attention, delivering value through your emails, and, eventually, pitching them your products. But before sending your first email campaign, make sure to get email subscribers with 𝕏 (Twitter)

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