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What People Say About Working With Jose Rosado

Learning how to do something the right way is a lot cheaper than going through the pains of learning it the hard way.

When I had the chance to work with Jose, I thought it was like buying Facebook stock for $20. Yeah, it would cost something, but nothing compared to the value it would deliver. And that turned out to be true.

I worked with Jose for 12 weeks to create the foundation for my online business. And while it’s impossible to say where I’d be without him, just one tip of his regarding my recipe book launch made me at least $3,000.

And that’s completely ignoring all the other valuable guidance he gave me the other 11 weeks. If you have a chance to work with Jose, do it! You won’t have the chance for much longer.
Alex Feinberg
Jose has been a great resource for me.

As someone who didn't know the ins and outs of online marketing and sales, I was earning below my potential. Jose helped to change that for me.

I've been on many calls with him, and I always left them with a new nugget of online sales wisdom. I was able to 2x my income and, during the re-launch of one of my courses, I made as many sales as the launch week with his tactics. Jose has the ability to distill complicated processes into their essentials.

Whether you're a beginner to online marketing, or someone with considerable experience, there's no doubt that Jose can help you achieve your goals.
Dennis Mangan
P. D. Mangan
No one has changed my life more in the past year than Jose Rosado.

He is behind the scenes growing multiple people's businesses and masterminding their rise.

My own business doubled this year because of him.
Alex Cortes
With Jose's guidance and wisdom, I received an immense amount of knowledge and clarity for both my web design & social media business.

Within 3 months time - I have made $10,000 from client work and course sales in addition to my current income.

Not to mention, I had my first $1,000 DAY during a promotion. Jose does not hold any information back. He will give you the truth and only truth regarding online business.
Dan Koe

Frequently Asked Questions

The Demand Generation Academy is an online mentorship created to teach the skill you need to thrive online.

You’ll have access to the courses, information, the knowledge you need to start, grow and automize an online business.

This is certainly not a “beginner only” mentorship! I’ve helped clients grow their business and double their income. There’s plenty of expertise to help you in your continued growth.

I’m afraid not! This is an education-based mentorship. I provide training, resources, and one-on-one guidance to help you create, launch and grow your online business.

Nothing in life is 100%. However, if you take the time and put in the effort to follow the plan of action I lay out for you, your chance of success will rise significantly. Your best bet is to learn as much as you can from this program and put the information to work. If you do that, there is no reason you should not be able to achieve some measure of success.

At least 7 hours per week. That’s one hour a day.

Plus the 30-min weekly call.

  • Full access the PEAR Framework Curriculum
  • Eight 30-minute video call with Jose Rosado
  • 8-weeks of an immersive online learning experience
  • Assignments And Projects Designed To Skyrocket Your Online Business
  • And more

The purpose of the mentorship is to teach your the tools, strategies, and mindset behind building a 6-figure a year business. Nothing in life is 100%. My promise is to serve as guide to help you build and scale your online business.

No. Since I’m investing my time and resources to assist you, all sales are final.

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Who is this NOT for?

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I do my best to only surround myself with greatness. This is an expensive one-on-one mentorship.

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