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Never Run Out of Ideas Ever Again

Here’s a, top secret, underground, dark web-sponsored copywriting hack to never run out of content ideas again.

And it works…

Even if you’re new at content creation.

All without breaking a sweat.

Let’s blow the lid off this whole operation.

Picture this:

You’re a fitness coach.

You want to dive headfirst into the world of fat loss.

So, you hop on your favorite platform, Twitter.

And type up a nice little thread on “How to lose weight.”


After hitting “Tweet”…

Just dust off their hands…

Call it a day…

And stop touching that topic again for a LOOOONG time.


Because you already talked about it.

And you don’t want to repeat yourself.

But here’s the thing…

That’s what most people do.

So they end up burned out like a toast.

And since you’re not like most people…

Here’s what you’ll be doing from now on:

I want to let you know…

There’s a goldmine of content hidden WITHIN every single question you’ve been ask.

And its just waiting to be unearthed.

So here’s where this copywriting hack comes into play.

Are you ready?

The trick to never-ending content is simply…

Niche Down your question.

That’s right.


And that’s a big, juice but…

You need two magical, life-changing modifiers:

The modifiers are:

1/ Without
2/ Even if

Now watch as “How to lose weight” transforms into…

How to lose weight even if…

  • you’re old enough to remember dial-up internet
  • your diet consists of mostly carbs
  • you’ve never tried before

Do you see the beauty in this?

The limitless potential?

I bet you’re wondering…

How the “Without” modifier comes into play here, aren’t you?


I’m not just going to give it away.

I want to see your creative juices flowing.

Come up with your best “Without” ideas for your niche.

And start posting it online.

Stay winning,
– Jose

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