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Who Is This For?

✅ People who want to generate an extra 6-figures/year in less time without burning out.

✅ People who already have some skills and want to monetize their life experience.

✅ Small business owners, founders, coaches, and consultants who want to leverage the power of the internet to start generating recurring revenue.

What people say

"Jose is a very smart guy. In under an hour, he walked me through the steps of researching, planning, writing and releasing my first ever eBook. With his guidance and pre-release strategy, I was able to do over $2,000 in sales before the eBook was even released! I'm truly grateful for his advice and relentless motivation."
Zuby (@ZubyMusic)
"Jose helped me realized how much I have been horribly underselling every single thing I've ever sold. Dude, you seriously lit a fire in me. I have NOT been fulfilling my potential at all."
Alexander Cortes (@AJA_Cortes)
"My email list grew from 100 subs to over 600 with your advice. I've also had several $1000+ weeks by following Jose's sales techniques".
Ryan Felman (@PathToManliness)
"I was fortunate to meet José on Twitter very early on. As my account grew, he encouraged me to monetize it and taught me how. This has turned into $4000 in profit and a regular cash flow stream that I wouldn’t have even known was possible."
Chris Neander (@ThePrimalMan)
"In May 2019, I made $1,134.45 with my following on Twitter. Jose’s advice has been priceless when it came to getting me to this point. His tactics are simple, yet powerful."
Zaid K. Dahhaj (@zaiderrr)
"You helped me start growing on Twitter. I wasn't really tweeting the right content before we talked and you had me start email list. Now I'm getting ~1m impressions a month on Twitter. I'm on track for 2.5m this month."
Tell Quint (@tellquint)

Join 24K+ entrepreneurs growing their online business

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