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What people say

"Within 3 months time - I have made $10,000 from client work and course sales in addition to my current income. Not to mention, I had my first $1,000 DAY during a promotion. Jose does not hold any information back. He will give you the truth and only truth regarding online business."
Dan Koe
"He's injected the necessary skills into my business to allow me to take it from making tens of thousands of dollars a year to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. "
Tom Noske
"I say I've made about $12,000 since I started working with Jose. Any money I've invested with him, I've gotten back."
Pat Basil
"My business went from one point $1.5K per month to $40K per month thanks to him."
Flavio Bastos
"Now I'm closing five to $6,000 more per month than I was initially while living a stress-free lifestyle."
Ethan Buck
"Jose helped me realized how much I have been horribly underselling every single thing I've ever sold. Dude, you seriously lit a fire in me. I have NOT been fulfilling my potential at all."
Alexander Cortes (@AJA_Cortes)
"Jose is a very smart guy. In under an hour, he walked me through the steps of researching, planning, writing and releasing my first ever eBook. With his guidance and pre-release strategy, I was able to do over $2,000 in sales before the eBook was even released! I'm truly grateful for his advice and relentless motivation."
Zuby (@ZubyMusic)
"I was fortunate to meet José on Twitter very early on. As my account grew, he encouraged me to monetize it and taught me how. This has turned into $4000 in profit and a regular cash flow stream that I wouldn’t have even known was possible."
Chris Neander (@ThePrimalMan)
"Since I started working with Jose, I have made over $10,000 in just three months with the secrets that he's taught me of building an email list, creating premium content, and starting my coaching business."
Joseph Oliver
"Over the last 90 days, I've essentially 10Xed my monthly recurring revenue. And I doubled the number of followers on my Instagram."
Matteo Marra

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