Crazy-simple system you can put in place in a weekend to attract $1,000 to $10,000 clients on Instagram

100+ Loved Reels To Clients

You know what's crazy?

Hi, I’m Jose Rosado.

An online entrepreneur and a multi-6-figure business owner.

I don’t talk about this nearly enough.

But I’ve got a simple system I use in my own biz and with my clients.

It’s one I’ve been using to sign $2K, $5K, and even $10K+ clients from Instagram.

To give you an idea:

Last year, my agency alone made me a little under $400,000 in revenue.

The key to getting these results?

When I start working with a new client, this system is the first one I install for them. 

So why don’t I talk about it more?

Well, it’s not some big secret I’m trying to hide.

Nope, not at all.

It’s actually something else.

If you’re brand new to Instagram…

This system isn’t for you. 

At least not yet.

You see…

When you’re starting out, you need to focus on making great content, engaging with people, and growing your email list.

But once you’ve got that foundation?

Then you’re ready for more advanced systems like this.

And that’s exactly what I did with one of my clients recently.

They were posting good content and had a decent following. 

But sales? Stagnant.

It’s a common problem that many of my clients face with their socials.

Maybe you do, too. You’re putting in the work but not getting results.

Just like it happened to me a while back.

Early 2023 was the WORST...

In 2023, I reached 100,000 followers…


I kept gaining and losing followers.

And Instagram wasn’t working to get new clients.

I lost over 8,000 followers in the first 3 months.

I went from 100,000 followers down to 92K.

I truly believed the algorithm killed my account.

It left me feeling defeated, questioning if all my efforts were in vain.

I went from being excited to post daily to NOT posting at all.


Well, here’s why…

Each loss felt personal.

It’s like a direct critique of my worth and content.

That brought me to the biggest question…​

Well, here's why : 👇👇👇

Is my voice NOT worth
listening to?

I was posting more and more…

Yet seeing less and less return.

Each post felt like a gamble.

And my my time, energy, and my confidence was at stake.

Was my voice isn’t worth listening to? 

In the digital age, perception is reality.

I want you to imagine this:

Your potential clients slipping through your fingers & your competitors taking them all away.

You see people with LESS experience
skipping the line, effortlessly getting
views, followers and clients.

You feel like nobody wants to listen to you, otherwise, why wouldn't you get those likes
& comments.

You've seen your DMs grow quieter day by day despite following all the 'proven' strategies.

It sucks! 

Been there, done that, and let me tell you…

it was a nightmare loop I thought I’d never escape!

And hey, if you’re stuck with me this far,

I'm betting you're wrestling with some of these
same demons.

Truth is, posting GOOD content won’t get you followers or clients.

Let’s get real for a second.

Instagram doesn’t give a damn about good content…

I mean…

Just take a look at what goes viral every day.


Those reels—you know the ones I’m talking about—seem to defy logic.

They’re simplistic, sometimes downright dumb, and yet, they capture the attention of the masses.

And the ones I used to create?

Barely a blip on anyone’s radar.

Isn’t this maddening?

My gaaawwwwddddd…

I hate it so much.

But the thing is…

Garbage reels

What you and I consider “garbage” is just pure human nature in effect.

So I asked myself…

What if I took the “viral” parts of the garbage reels and used them to create phenomenal content that actually gets me respect, customers, and a good reputation?

Look, as humans – we’re predictable. More that what we’re willing to accept.

We’re suckers for certain patterns, rhythms, and triggers.

So I figured out a way to take the psychological principles used by these viral posts and apply them to valuable content.

That means:

I had to dissect their viral anomalies & understand their core.

And I did.

Here are the results:

and then…
My reels started to perform. Like CRAZY.

They became as addictive as video games.

Views skyrocketing into the millions

Email lists exploding by the day

Attracted high-paying clients.

My reels were setting the algorithm on fire.

My agency blew up to the moon.

I started getting DMs from “big guys” who wanted my help…

Ones who were more than happy to invest $10k, 20k and even $30k for my offers.

All of a sudden, everything started to work.

I FINALLY found that lever that propelled me forward.

It’s ALL because of the NEW ingredients I’ve applied on my reels.

I created something that allowed me to create VIRAL reels & attract $5k+ clients.

Something so powerful, ANYONE can use it to blow up & start selling.

I cracked the code to get unlimited attention.

With the right audience coming into my funnel,

I was able to easily sell my offers.

Imagine this:

You sell a coaching service worth $5000.

And you have the ability to attract people who:

Has that kind of money.

Wants the transformation. 

Yep, you can do exactly that with IG Reels.
You can have 100 followers, but still
reach 1 million people!

Isn’t that crazy?

With this system, you can get in front of your “ideal clients.” 

Even if you’re unknown on Instagram.

I went a step further to perfect this system, I programmed ChatGPT to give me viral ideas, AT SCALE.

The farmer with a plow and an oxen can’t compete with the farmer on a tractor no matter how hard he works. Period.

That’s what tools are for to amplify our potential.

With ChatGPT I am able to create 90 days of content for my clients in a matter of hours.

Not only does it save a lot of time, but I can get more done faster.

Best part?

You can be in the weirdest of niche, ChatGPT will still get you the best hooks/content that are proven to go viral!

And with those reels

I brought in the “right” audience & THAT made me hundreds of thousands!

This system enabled me to make money without
actively promoting my digital products.

My reels & my backend funnels do the heavy lifting.

Not just that…

You’ll discover the “Sales Navigator” system to learn how to generate high-quality leads and close them on a short 30-minute Zoom call.

I showed this system to my clients…

Courses, coaching, agency services, whatever they had.

The sales?


The Numbers
Tell The Full Story

We sold our products faster and easier.

NOTE: This is an easy-to-follow, 100% systematic process that anybody can implement for ANY brand.

I perfected this system so ANYONE can “duplicate” to gain more followers & sales!

Over time, I refined and improved the system…

Then when I started making $30k+ a month consistently, I started sharing it with others.

50+ creators later, we were able to refine and improve the system until it was something truly special…

A system that required only 1 hour a day…

Unlike most “mainstream” system, this one can help you attract client faster.

I’ve only shared this system with coaches & creators willing to invest in my 1:1 program.

But for the next few days, you won’t have to invest as much to get access to this system

(more on that in a moment).

First, let me share what this system is NOT.

You no longer HAVE to:

Waste ANY money on running Ads to get clients.

Spend hours & hours researching content ideas.

Rely on cold outreach to get clients.

Spend hours editing your reels.

Get overwhelmed with the tech & funnels.

You Had Never Used A System Like This Before.

You’ll grab the attention of people who earn six or seven figures,

Even if they’re not actively posting on Instagram but are active on other platforms.

And these reels will do the “outreach” job on autopilot.

They’ll work for you 24/7

I’m telling you the opportunities are Limitless.

With the right system, You can flip the script

THIS was the missing piece in my puzzle — a strategy, a secret sauce, that me & my students tapped into, and most creators haven’t… yet!

And there is nothing else like it…

With this, anyone can build a profitable brand on Instagram.

I’ve packaged all my learnings into a detailed program that allows you to blow up on instagram & make money at SCALE!


Reels to Clients

This is a unique system designed to help get clients and buyers on Instagram.

This system is the exact system I install on every single client I get.

And parts of the system have also been used by my private coaching clients too.

It’s easy, even fun to use.

Inside You’ll Discover

The 2 types of IG funnels that make it super easy for ANYONE to get the right kind of visibility and prospects.

How to write effective sales copy that grabs the readers’ eyeballs in minutes. 

Master the ART of crafting landing pages that leave people with NO option but to Buy. 

Prompts that’ll WRITE attention-grabbing hooks & captions for you… the ones that get you follows..

Creating your lead magnet the “correct” way - to attract the RIGHT audience.

How to NEVER go broke - Promoting your high ticket offers on IG stories like a PRO.

Set up IG automation to make money while you sleep - ALL that in less than an hour.

Learn to automate your newsletter so you make course sales or get sales calls without even trying.

My EXACT blueprint (and scripts) to sell on the DMs without being salesy.

My Signature 30-min Zoom call framework that’ll close ANYONE who’s closable.

A complete guide to film yourself

How to generate 100s of winning reel ideas in minutes.

But That’s Not All

When you try out the Reels to Clients System today, I’m going to include $1,241 in FREE Bonuses!

Content Hub Notion Template to organize your content.

InstaFame 5-Day Reels Challenge

100+ templates to grow and monetize your Instagram account

20+ AI prompts to create viral content in seconds

This is the course I wish I had when I started selling on Instagram:

Part 1: Magnetic Content

Part 2: Big Ideas Framework

Part 3: Monetization

Part 4: Selling Your Services

Part 5: Selling In The DMs

Get the Special Early Bird Pricing



Price goes up by $20 every 20 sales.

Reels To Clients

Get Lifetime Access to Reels To Clients and all its materials.

Viral Reel AI Prompts

100+ Templates

Video Course

5 Day Challenge

Content Hub Template

Once you purchase the system, You’ll get your login details emailed to you within 2 minutes. 
Then you can log-in, learn and start landing clients that deserve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Questions

This system is easy to understand and accessible to everyone, no matter their level of experience. So, whether you’re a beginner or have been on Instagram for a while, you can implement the strategies I teach you in this course.

No, you don’t need experience with video editing. The course gives you step-by-step guidance on making captivating reels without needing fancy editing skills.

That’s the beauty of this system; it works regardless of the size of your following.

The amount of time you dedicate to creating and posting reels will vary depending on your schedule and goals. Each case is different and consistency is key.