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Secret strategy to gaining the right followers on Instagram with reels

Ever wondered why some folks seem to draw the perfect audience on Instagram?

Well, I’ve cracked the code.

It’s all about these little videos I like to call “Microwave Reels.” And they’re those quick 7-second clips that are so damn addicting.

Believe it or not, these bite-sized reels completely turned my Instagram game around.

I went from losing 500–1000 followers monthly to gaining 400 new ones daily.

And get this…

My clients are also seeing huge boosts in their businesses too.

So, in this quick article, I’m showing you how to use these tiny videos to attract the right followers. We’re talking about people who will actually engage, share your stuff, and hey, they might even buy whatever it is you’re selling.

Let’s dive into the secret Microwave Reels strategy and learn how to implement it for Instagram success.

What is a Microwave Reel

The magic begins with making short, 7-second videos.

They’re perfect for snagging attention and getting a friendly nod from the almighty algorithm. Plus, you can make them with barely any fuss or editing.

Microwave Reels work because:

  1. They’re short.
  2. They’ve got long, valuable captions.
  3. As people read the caption, the reel replays in the background.
  4. The Instagram algorithm loves it when people “replay” the reel.
  5. Therefore, Instagram will serve your content to more people.

Get it?

So here’s the game plan:

  • Film brief video clips relevant to your work.
  • Add a text overlay on top of the video.
  • Craft a little caption that’s no more than 150-ish words
  • Find a viral audio.
  • Edit the reel.
  • Post on Instagram.

But how do you actually pull this off?

I got your back.

Read on.

Step 1: Go broad

While specificity is key in gaining the right followers, sometimes you must throw some general bait out there to see what swims up.


Because in the beginning, it’s all about figuring out what gets a thumbs up from your followers and the blessings from the almighty algorithm.

See, many people don’t have a clue you’re out there, and they’re probably also clueless about the stuff you think is common sense—it’s just too easy for us to take knowledge for granted.


Brainstorm on topics that a larger audience might want.

Peek what’s hot in your industry, figure out the questions that keep popping up, or come up with solid advice that makes life a bit easier.

For instance, say you’re all about health and wellness life…

Instead of just posting about ‘quick home workouts,’ you could talk about things like ‘healthy habits for busy people’ or ‘eating tips for more energy and focus.’

Here’s how you can apply this to your Instagram reels.

Rather than just a quick tip like “3 Exercises for a Killer Chest Workout”, talk about something trendy and broad like “Intermittent Fasting Makes You Fat.”

Also, throw out some wisdom that’s good for more than just getting fit, like “One Brain Trick to Get Your Health on Track.”

As you start reeling in more followers, you can start sharing more specific ideas.

Step 2: Write Engaging Hooks for Your 7-second Reels

I focus on topics that resonate with my audience: building a personal brand and leveraging social media for business growth.

Consistency is king here, friend.

Therefore, dish out Reels every single day.


To connect, get people thinking, and leave them wanting more.

But how do you start making that connection?

You have to get people’s attention.

And the easiest way to do that is by writing captivating hooks.

The hook is the catchy text on your video.

It must be short, catchy, and press the right problems and dreams.

To come up with them, think about ‘how-to’ ideas.

Simple stuff like:

  • How to write captions for reels in 5 minutes
  • How to overcome camera shyness for your reels

Then, spice up your hooks.

A simple trick is to sell the dream but ditch the “How to.”

For example:

“How to write captions for reels in 5 minutes” flips to “5 quick steps to write killer captions.”

“How to overcome camera shyness for your reels” becomes “Unlock badass confidence on camera.”

Just make sure to press on your audience’s pains and dreams.

Step 3: Pair The Reel With Long, Valuable Captions

Hit your audience with a long, informative caption.

Think of these as more than just captions—they’re like mini-articles jam-packed with the good stuff: tips, know-how, all the works.

We’re talking about going a bit deeper than your competition.

See, everyone else is lazy.

They write 20 to 30 words, and they post that.

Then nobody buys anything from them because people know when someone is lazy with their content.

Therefore, your task is to write a beefy caption.

Think of 100-200 words that can transform a quick glance into a meaningful interaction.

And there’s no secret to writing captions.

Start by noting down the key points you wish to include. Then, write freely until you hit your word count goal. Lastly, edit your caption until it sparkles.

Step 4: Prompt Engagement

Those beefy captions are more than valuable info.

They’re your ticket to the step in your funnel.

That’s why you must always add a question or a CTA (call to action) to get people talking at the end of every caption. There, you’ll encourage readers to follow you, click the link in your bio for more resources, join your mailing list, or check out your services.

This seamless transition helps convert followers into leads without a hard sell.

Step 5: Find Viral Audio

There’s no secret to this.

Find viral reels, bookmark them, and use their viral audio.

I am not kidding.

That’s literally all there is to this.

Step 6: Edit the Reel

There’s a great app for this.

And it’s free.

It’s named CapCut.

And you’ll use it to edit the video, overlay the hook over it, and edit to the beat.

You can watch the whole process here:

Step 7: Develop a simple system

Alright, friend, we’re diving into the home stretch here, and this is the big one:

The final boss of Instagram mastery.

In this step, we’re all about cranking out those spicy Instagram reels like a well-oiled machine.

The final step is to post engaging Instagram reels consistently.

To do this smoothly, you need an easy process that helps you generate ideas faster, create content faster, and organize everything effectively.

And here’s a pro move for you: get yourself a tool like Notion.

Notion is like that pouch in video games that carries all your stuff and never fills up.

Let me break it down for you:

Here’s how you can set up a simple system in Notion:

  • Create a database for content ideas.
  • Use a Kanban-style board in Notion. Here, you can move ideas through steps like ‘Planning,’ ‘Filming,’ ‘Editing,’ and ‘Ready to Post.’
  • Create templates for different types of reels you produce regularly.

In closing

Crafting reels is like leveling up in a game.

You’re going to get better at editing, hooking people like you’re fishing, and writing stuff that sticks. Your followers won’t be able to look away.

And if you want to go deeper into my system, I’ve got this free course called Microwave Reels. It’s like a speedrun for learning easy editing tricks and letting AI do the heavy lifting on your captions.

So there it is…

Your no-BS blueprint to pull in prime followers on Instagram with reels.

Give it a try and see your Instagram account grow.

Talk to you soon,


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