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How to Self Promote

The art of self-promotion without bragging

Want your followers to buy more? Self-promotion is the best lead generation tactic you can try for yourself.

Whether you’ve got 1,000 or 100,000 followers, there’s a method you can’t ignore. It’s a simple approach that will boost your sales without much effort.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of self-promotion, especially the art of bragging online without sounding like a show-off.

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Why people shy away from self-promotion

Two words:

Fake Humility.

That’s right.

Many are hesitant to spotlight their accomplishments.

They worry about seeming arrogant or too full of themselves.

But here’s the thing:

Self-promotion is your ticket to more sales.

When you share your achievements and the benefits you bring, you draw in more fans, clients, and followers.

So, how do you promote yourself without sounding boastful?

Check out these 3 tactics you can use right now:

1: The casual question

Ever heard about how I helped my client Joshua make $250,000 in two weeks?

Did you catch that?

I simply asked you a question.

That question? It’s a mini case study in disguise.

A perfect bait for curiosity.

And it works because:

  • If they’re in the dark about it, they’ll want to know.
  • If they know about it, you’re reinforcing your awesomeness.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Recall a success story
  2. Phrase it as a mini case study question
  3. Create content around it

2: Screenshots and video testimonials

What’s more convincing than your own words?

Others singing your praises.

Screenshots and video testimonials are gold.

They trump any copy, text, email, or video you create yourself.

But how do you get your clients to say how you’ve made a difference in their lives and businesses?

The answer?

Make it easy for them.

When you ask for testimonials, avoid putting your clients on the spot. It can feel like a chore without guidance.

I’ve been asked for testimonials, and when I’m creating it, I’m just thinking, “How can I jazz this up for them? What can I say to get them more clients? How can I say something that makes them happy?”

When you solely request a testimonial, you’re essentially handing over a task.

You’re becoming a burden.

And you do not want that.

Dodge that by guiding them with a short questionnaire.

Here are 4 starter questions:

  1. Since teaming up with me, what results have you gotten?
  2. What stood out in our collaboration?
  3. Would you recommend my services? If yes, why and to whom?
  4. If you had to pinpoint one thing people should know about partnering with me, what would it be?

3: Turn case studies into tales (the best self-promotion without self-promoting)

Case studies pack a punch…

But they can be a yawn fest.

So, how about turning those case studies into gripping stories?

The way to do this is by tapping into the classic 3-act story structure:

  1. Act one – Set the scene and introduce the client
  2. Act two – Highlight the challenges
  3. Act three – Reveal the outcome

Stories are pure gold.

They’re your secret weapon to show off your skills without sounding like you’re bragging.

Here’s a ChatGPT prompt to turn a case study into a story.

I want you to use the 3 act storytelling structure to turn the following case study into a short business story. 

Make sure to:
- Fix spelling and grammar
- Make sentences more clear and concise
- The tone style should be business writing with a conversational tone.
- Keep reading comprehension at 5th-grade level
- Split up run-on sentences
- Make it better by including contractions, transition words, interjections, and dangling modifiers.
- Reduce repetition
- When replacing words, do not make them more complex or difficult than the original
- If the text contains quotes, repeat the text inside the quotes verbatim
- Do not change the meaning of the text
- Do not remove any markdown formatting in the text, like headers, bullets, or checkboxes
- Do not use overly formal language


Now, enough learning. Put the above in practive and go self-promote shamelessly.

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